Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Chickasha, Oklahoma- Week 60

So we don't know who we are training till Wednesday, and I'm going to be the new district leader as well, so going to have to learn a lot between that and training, should be fun though. This week has been pretty good, we got the other apartment for Elder Roundy and his companion all set up, service at the museum was fun as usual, this time we were going through old newspapers trying to find something about a Indian burial ground near here, so that was cool, didn't find it, but it was cool to see how life was in the 1940's. Lois is doing great, she is getting baptized on the 26th! She is the best! We had exchanges with the zone leaders, they went well, this whole week we have been seeing lots of miracles, finding a lot of prepared people. This happened yesterday, we were riding around and this guy stopped us on the side of the road, and asked us what we had for him, he said he wasn't sure if he believed in God or not, and wants to know, so then he saw us, and thought, well they must be dedicated if they are out riding their bikes. So we talked to him for a little while, answered a few of his questions, gave a brief overview of the restoration, and gave him a Book of Mormon, and we set up a time to come back next week to see him! We met one of our investigator's dad this week too, turns out he is a less active, hasn't been to church in years, so we are talking to him, and he wants to come back, and change his life around! It is amazing to see The Lord's hand in missionary work. On Wednesday we went up to Moore for trainers meeting, took lots of notes on that :) and then since we were up there I finally took my bike in! So, this week has been great, not that great number wise, but it's not about the numbers, it's about how we can help The Lord's work keep moving forward, and that has happened this week! With being a trainer now, I want to help the new missionary become the best he can, so teaching him the area, the people, how to teach,..... it's all learning. Love you guys! you are the best!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Chickasha, Oklahoma- Week 57

So Guess what? Elder Roundy and I found out that we are training! So this Wednesday Elder Roundy and I are going to go up to Moore for Trainers Meeting, we don't know who we are training yet, that will be on the 16th at transfers, but that will be a bit of a change. So we are staying in Chickasha, and we are just splitting the area. This week has been ok, we weren't able to see as many people as we would of liked, but we did have some good lessons. Lois is still doing great, and has a baptismal date for the end of the month, but she is pretty much already a member:) everyone at church knows Lois:) Tammy is feeling a lot better after surgery, she doesn't need her walker anymore, and we had a lesson this week with her, and she told us that her husband was asking her about us, and asked her if she was going to become a member of the church or not? And she said that she was thinking about it and has been on her mind a lot, so we thought that was pretty cool! Being a missionary is awesome, you are able to see the wonderful change in people and get to be a part of it in their lives. Then through that, you change yourself, being more in tune with the spirit, and having more confidence  Our investigators are great, but always trying to find more. This week there was a antique car show, we got to see a little of it, it was really cool. We found another place to do service as well as the dog shelter, we are now doing service at the museum here as well! So I'm excited for that! Last week we were sorting old documents, and set up some exhibits, we might be cataloging some of the other things in storage as well. Elder Roundy saw a sign on their door, Staffed by Volunteer, and we were just like well ok, we can be volunteers! :) It has been a hot week, so it has been fun biking:) Reminds me of Arizona. hahaha, but everything has been good, I guess I'm lucky I'm used to the desert, yesterday we were riding and it was 104 outside, Elder Roundy was definitely not used to the heat like I was, thank you for air conditioned stores. And I also found a old I-pod in the middle of the road while biking the other day, it was pretty beat up, and screen cracked, but you know as a missionary, we see something cool on the street, we have to pick it up, so took it home, and got a charger for it, screen doesn't really work, but the rest of it does! Tracting Treasures!
Also this morning, we played Ultimate Frisbee with one of the members here and some other people from the collage that are on the frisbee team, it was really fun.
 Love you! 
I planted a seed in a jar of dirt, a while ago, and now its finally growing!

found a toad by our door

I love my tie!

It is still growing

Tracting Treasure