Monday, October 27, 2014

Clinton,Oklahoma- Week 14

Last Monday was pretty fun, we went to thrift shops to look around and had some pretty cool stuff there, got some cool ties and a got a awesome hat (it's my Indiana Jones hat! It's really funny how I got it. We went to this really nice store that just sold suits and other nice things (lots of money), when I see that hat and I'm like yes! I look at the price, $9.00, double yes! cheapest thing in the store and i found it! :) ) Tortilla tally is 3 for this week and then played football and soccer the rest of the day so it was a good day. This has been a really good week, lots of success with investigators. Clinton is the best place ever! We are meeting with a lot of people and we went on exchanges with Elk City over the weekend so that was fun to do. We had some awesome lessons this week and talked to this one guy who we are now going to teach more on Tuesday so I'm excited about that. Saturday was a really busy day, we had a really long lesson with one of our investigators named Emerson. We go up to his house and he is outside with a few friends over. We ask him if he wants us to come back later and he says "No, you guys are cool, come and tell us the word for today" and he made his friends listen to us too, it was cool. He likes us coming over. So we had a good lesson about the Plan of Salvation and after the lesson we are going to get up when he says "Can I ask you another question?" sure! He asks us if we could stay for another 30min so we could read the Book of Mormon with him, Yes! So we read with him, so he is pretty awesome. Saturday night, the ward had a game night! Lots of food and games, it was a really fun night and lots of people came. The best and craziest day was Sunday though, there was soo many people at church. We have been really trying to invite investigators, and less active members to church and it paid off. We had 7 of our investigators at church and lots of less actives and recent converts; there were no more parking spots in the parking lot and so people were just parking anywhere they could and the overflow area in the building was almost filled. People were telling us that they have never seen so many people at church before! So we were very busy after church with talking to everyone. I'm also thinking about making a few halloween decorations, because halloween is the best! First holiday out on a mission! On Halloween im wearing my brown or maybe black pants, my halloween tie and some glow in the dark glasses I got. It's going to be good! Oh and Ashley and Marty are awesome, hopefully married and baptized on the 8th! Love you guys!

My New Hat!

Love my box!

Texus and I

My Halloween Tie!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Clinton,Oklahoma- Week 13

I got the package! I love everything and the Halloween tie! :) tortilla tally is 2. This week felt really long, and not the best in terms of injuries( I'm fine now). So many miracles too, that made everything ok. So first, last week I stepped on a nail while doing a service project, it's ok now, and this week I got bit by a dog. TRUST ME, IT WAS NOT THAT BAD AND I AM TOTALLY FINE, we called the mission nurse, and the owner of the dog, the dog had all its shots so everything is all good. I just have a big rip in my pants. We called our Ashley and Marty (the one who came to the church looking for help and her boyfriend) to tell them we might have to cancel our meeting with them because of what had happened and they drove immediately to our place to make sure I was ok. They are soo awesome! They are like our "parents" and they drove us around so we could get some stuff for the bite and drove us to the place where the dog was so we could talk to the owner. We are taken care of here so there is nothing to worry about. Back to the miracles this week- first, we went to this one neighborhood and were able to talk to this family outside and have a lesson, they really liked it and wanted to be baptized. One of them is a bull rider, he is really cool. Next, we found a Vietnam vet and he carves stone sculptures, he is really good. He wasn't interested at first, but as we were talking he let us teach him and likes the message about how it can bring peace and calmness into our lives. That is something he has been trying to find ever since he got out of the military. I also met this guy who looks like "The Rock", he is cool! Taught him and he accepted the message, then asked him if he wanted to be baptized and he said, "well if this is true ok course I would", said he would pray and read the Book of Mormon! Last miracle for the week, on Sunday we had three people that we have never seen before and they didn't know one another, walk into our church and said to us, "we are not members but we have seen you on your bikes and felt that we needed to go to your church". It was soo cool! Highlight of the week! Marty is still so much fun to meet with, because every time we meet with him, he is always coming closer to Christ. We fasted with them, and huge miracles came from it. No more smoking and their landlord called them and asked them if they wanted a bigger house, Yes!! and he will clean it all up for them and mow the lawn, job opportunities, and got a phone call that it was a price that they can easily afford. God takes care of us for sure. My thinking has changed a little I think, I can see more of the gospel in everyone's lives and blessing that come from receiving it. We had exchanges with the zone leaders this week because Elder Jolley is now District leader. Elder Meimet and Elder Whitehead are awesome and we had a pretty fun day with them. Then we got to have dinner at  the bishops house, it was really good food. It's almost Halloween! that's crazy, how is everyone doing? and good luck with all the school stuff! Love and miss you guys! Have a great week!
Our District

These are the pants the dog got

Elder Santana finally sent me the pictures from the MTC!

My Rocks!

I made myself a cool tie clip out of a horse shoe nail

My family history back to Adam!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Clinton,Oklahoma- Week 12

First of all, it's raining outside right now, and we had to bike in the rain to get to the church so yeah, our pants are pretty soaked right now. At least we have waterproof jackets that kept us warm. The tortilla tally is 4 for this week, and okay for transfers...... Elder Jolley and I are staying! And Elder Jolley is also now District Leader. Hermana Austin is transferring, so Hermana Haddock gets a new companion and Elder Scofield is going back to speak Marshallese so Elder Lyman also gets a new companion. It was a good week, last Monday we played volleyball and that was fun. Elder Scofield and Jolley got trapped on those spinning table things in the park, they got soo dizzy and it was spinning so fast that they couldn't get off. All we hear is them yelling," make it stop! make it stop!" and "I'm going to be sick!" it was soo funny to watch. Also during the volleyball game, I was collecting little clear rocks, so now I have a cup full of cool rocks on my desk. :) It's been raining since yesterday here so we are finally getting some rain and it's gotten a lot colder outside. I don't know why, but this week my allergies have just been horrible. I have tried dusting the apartment and I think that helped, but they really don't give us time to clean. I really wish that they did. My side is starting to get messy again and not much I can do about it. It is awesome meeting and talking to people here, huge miracles. Sadly we did not go to the wedding that was this Saturday. Elder Jolley kept having a feeling that we shouldn't go so we didn't. But the next day was actually a really good day. We got to talk to a family and they were interested in our message, so that was defiantly a miracle. They live in Weatherford so the sister missionaries up there will teach them, but his brother lives here and he was interested too so we will teach him. I think that was the highlight of the week.  Sorry if this email isn't as long as the others, I forgot my journal in the apartment and I really don't want to ride back through the rain to get it, so I'm going off memory and mine isn't always the best.
 Love and miss you all!
I got the Packages! thank you! I love everything!

If you go off one more time at 2:00am and there is not a thunderstorm outside, next time there is, you are going outside!

Thought this was really cool, got to go on Family History and checking out my tree and some of the lines go back really far

Pictures of the storm

It rained a little here!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Clinton,Oklahoma- Week 11


This week went by really quick, and it was a pretty good week! I have been getting your packages and I love them! I love you miss you guys. I finally made salsa this week, it still tastes good :) so that was really nice to have with food. We got to see Meet The Mormons on Thursday, I don't want to say too much about it, but you need to see it, it was really good. We were able to find some more people to teach this week so that is always a miracle to have. It is always amazing to find people that are totally ready to hear our message, we had a few people this week that were like that. We had a service project this week too. We were helping this one sister in the ward put up a new fence, so that was a nice change of things to do for the week. One of the Elders in Elk City got a Boston record at a thrift store which I am so jealous of! I told him that he needs to get me one! General Conference was amazing as always! Of course I liked the talk by L. Tom Perry because he is my favorite and how David A. Bednar spoke to non-members, that was really cool to hear. In between the sessions of General Conference, we went on super splits to teach people (that's when Elder Jolley and I are not together and we have members with us and are teaching people). So that's how I know that everything is getting better, because I was able to have a pretty good lesson during that time, so it is pretty cool how much I have been learning! Transfers are on the 15th. I don't think I will be transferred (because I'm still new here), but it has happened before, but it's not likely. That's crazy that everyone is on fall break already! The time is going by fast, for me at least. This week went by so fast, I only took a few pictures, sorry. I promise that there will be more next time! How is everyone doing, how is fall break going? Elk City is pretty fun, lots more stuff to do there and have all the cool stores with cheap awesome stuff in them, I keep telling them when ever we have splits with them to take me to one of them... but they are always closed on the week ends :( but there is a lot more work in Clinton so Clinton is awesome to be in. I am glad this was my first area. It's cool to think about, I will be home in 3 more General Conferences, so in a way, I'm 1/4 of the way done. so cool ;) Love you guys!
Went over to someones house and they had Duck Dynasty hats!

Elder Scofield has a Boston Record soo jealous!!!