Monday, September 29, 2014

Clinton,Oklahoma- Week 10


So last Wednesday was really cool. We went to a Route 66 museum and it was really fun, defiantly one of the more fun days. I took lots of pictures. We have this one investigator that we had him join us on a dinner appointment, so that was good. But then on our way back to drop him off, the person who was driving us speed past it and looked at him and said, "Well it looks like your going to church dude." It was sooo funny but he had a good time at mutual with everyone. So many meetings this week! I think we are finally done with them for a while. We had zone conference so most missionaries from Oklahoma were there. Meetings can be annoying at times, but you always learn something from them. We had a day this week that was entirely for service (we didn't get to teach anyone that day), helping at bishops storehouse, and then setting up for the woman's broadcast. It was a busy day. I went to Elk City again for the weekend, it is so much fun going up there. There is always a huge miracle that happens up there- this time Elder Lyman and I were talking with these four people for about 2 hours, it was awesome they had so many questions and we were able to answer all of them. They were interested and wanted to know more. And also have you heard of the movie Meet the Mormons? This week has been pretty fun. I heard it was raining again? any more floods? Love you guys, not that much to write about this week but I have more pictures!
The District

Cooking chicken one night when suddenly... Whale Chicken!

Oklahoma Sunrise

We found some old hats at the museum!

P-day in the Route 66 museum!



And at the Route 66 museum there was a small old church part of the tour so Elder Jolley wanted to preach to us. 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Clinton,Oklahoma- Week 9


The week was so crazy, so much to do, we are so busy with everything. Lots of lessons. Last week, we had zone p-day, so everyone went to the city and we had a big game of dodge ball, it was so much fun. We were all sore after that, but it was worth it. After that we went to a place called Which Wich, it is a really good sandwich place. It was a fun day, but we got back really late. Last week I was telling you about the one woman and her fiancé, and how we talked to them. Well, her fiancé the last time we talked to him, wasn't sure about God, why he would do this to us.... things like that. But he was also willing to give everything a chance and change his ways. So, this week we go over there again, and the first thing we notice is him. All I can say is wow, he was a totally different person, you could see it just by looking at him. We could see that he honestly wanted to change and was doing that, one week and he was a different person. That is definitely a huge blessing of the spirit in someone's life. He is one of our best investigators now and we look forward to whenever we can teach him. One of the first things he said to us was "I felt like someone turned on a light in my head and I can see now". He is definitely a light and strengthens everyone around him, it has strengthened my testimony about what we are doing. We met another kid with week, and it turns out they he knows the couple and are good friends. They talk to him about how great the church is. It is because of  them, that this kid will really learn and grow in the gospel. It's soo cool to see how everything connects. And add 10 to the tortilla tally, I have been forgetting about that for the past few weeks. I love the lessons with our investigators and members, everything is going pretty good, and I got the cookies! They are soo good! Thursday was a funny day, we had dinner with some members and after that we had to go straight to a lesson with a Spanish family. So dinner was good and we leave to go back to our apartment to get picked up by another member who was going with us and he only spoke Spanish, but he couldn't find the apartment so we were trying to tell him where we were in Spanish which was really hard to do and he spoke really fast, so we ended up finding this guy who also only spoke Spanish on the side of the road and told him to talk to the guy on the phone to tell him where we were. It was all funny and with the help of that guy, he found us. So we get to the house and it turns out they made dinner for us too without telling us, so Elder Jolley and I were like great, we literally just ate, now we have to eat again to be nice, so we did... so full! We had a interesting lesson, they didn't quite agree with what we taught, but it was okay. On Friday we went on splits with the district leaders, so I went to Elk City for the weekend with Elder Scofield. It was nice up there, not that busy, but we had a car so that was better. Up there, I finally meet the drunk crazy, it was different... luckily there was an older guy who was sober; he was pretty cool, and so nice too. We left the others inside and just talked with him outside. He apologized for the others, he found them a while ago and gave them place to live and checks on them once in a while. It was really cool that we were able to meet him, and seemed interested to hear our message. The this week in science page is really cool, science rules! In Clinton, there is just Elder Jolley. That's funny about Elder Jolley and Elder Naeta's story, being spied on, hahaha. The food at the members houses is really good.
Did you see the pictures from last week? First baptism! She is awesome, she went to church for 5 months before she stated taking lessons so everyone thought she was a member. Then after another person was baptized, she went up to the missionaries and asked them to teach her. She really wants to go to the temple. She said to them the first lesson when they asked he what she wanted, "I want to go to the temple1 I don't know what they do in there, but I want to do it". She is amazing!
We went to a birthday party a investigator was having at a skating place.

I have not found any caterpillars yet, but I found a butterfly.

outside the skating place, we were in the parking lot and looking for it because it didn't really look like one from the outside. 

Elder Scofield and I with our jackets.

Elder Scofield during our intense chess game.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Clinton,Oklahoma- Week 8


This week was a little harder, but a really amazing week as well. We are teaching a lot of people and most of them are very receptive to the lesson. I think the funniest one was when we were teaching at this one house and talking about the Plan of Salvation and for their son (who I think is around 11), I explained the Plan of Salvation through Minecraft. Yes I said Minecraft... and it actually worked out pretty well, he loved it. I knew that video games would help on a mission. And after that, they were asking us if we watched Doctor Who, Elder Jolley had never heard of it, but I have! So we talked about that, who was our favorite Doctor, Companion, episode... it was fun, and so the new season started recently so, you guys need to write that down on my things to watch when I get back. One day we had a person stop us while we were riding our bikes and tried to sell us this all purpose cleaner, she really wouldn't take no for a answer. We were trying to explain to her that we don't have any money on us- so her answer was, "so you want one?" Eventually we got away. We have been getting some cooler weather recently, and the mission rule about weather is that if it gets below 60, we have to wear suits, so for 2 days we had to wear suits all day. But that is a lot better than riding when it is hot and humid. Best thing this week- one of our investigators got baptized! And I was able to give a talk on the Holy Ghost, it was amazing and I am so glad we got to be apart of it- definitely something that I will remember! It was funny that morning, some other elders were going to pick us up in the morning so Elder Jolley and I were in another room studying while we were waiting for them. Then Elder Jolley goes out of the room, and the next thing I hear is," How did you get out here, wait what?" The other Elders picked our lock and were already in the apartment, and Elder Jolley thought that I was one of them, so he was wondering how I got out of the other room with out him seeing, it was funny. We had lots of dinners with members with week, everyone is so nice here, but I still question everyone's sanity at times. Also, people here really like guns, and want to show us all the guns they have. I'm not complaining about that, it's pretty cool. I think here in just these two weeks, I have handled more guns than in my entire life, because with them, its "Here are my guns, now you have to hold each of them!" Like I said, nicest people in the world, but different at times. There is a older couple here and they feed the missionaries every Sunday for lunch. They have been doing it for 31 years! It's awesome, they tell us about all the missionaries that they have had over the years and remember them all! They are awesome. Last Tuesday, Elder Jolley and I were in the church emailing, when this woman came in crying and looking for the Bishop, so we talked to her for a bit to see what's going on. Turns out that she was a less active that we didn't know about, needed help with rent, and just needed help in general. So we got her Bishop's number and she told us to come over that night and teach her and her fiancé. So we go over and she really wants to get back to church and her fiancé just flat out told us that he wants and needs God in his life, and will listen to our message. It was soo cool, I know that it was a miracle that she came into the church and we happened to be the only ones there at the time, and that we were able to help her. This is a really small town and there are not many members here, most are from Weatherford. I got your package and love everything! Thank you! So I haven't been to the temple yet, and I don't know when will be the next time, it might be a while. And in Clinton, we don't have that many opportunities to speak Spanish, maybe 3 lessons a week, but we do have a language study most mornings and Elder Jolley helps me with that. The food is pretty good here and that is so funny about Elder Naeta trying chocolate milk for the first time. And ok Lu, with the number riddle I think I got two of the three letter words messed up, but just use the books, if you knew the stories, you would know the answer. And with that, I'm asking where does it say to go? and A! how's Titan Fall going? Anything new on BudK? And that sounds awesome about the App, what are your ideas on it so far, and how are you making it? I can't wait till you finish it, I want to get it. And I love the spices and snacks. 
I haven't had any tortillas here yet and of course they played Back in Black with Reddinton, they are both awesome! I love the senior quote, what book is that from? And I love the video game news. You guys are the best, thank you for everything and I love the meanwhile in phoenix picture.
First Baptism! Me, Elder Jolley, and Melody

I love my fish tie!

Our Apartment

Tie Buddies that we made- They go behind the tie and keep it in place.

This is my planner Elder Jolly made for me, he likes Texas

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Clinton,Oklahoma- Week 7

Okay, so first, my companion is Elder Jolley! (sound familiar?) It's like I never left Arizona, and he is awesome! My address is 711 S. 20th. APT 22, Clinton OK. So yeah, I'm in Clinton, it's a small town, so small that we don't get a car, so we are biking everywhere. I hate hills and biking in the rain. Thankfully that was only once even if it did ruin one of my short sleeve shirts; the mud here does not come out. And that is crazy about the rain in Arizona! How deep is that? You guys are soo lucky about school being canceled, of course it happens when I'm gone. And that show "Forever", sounds awesome. and Blacklist, its almost back! :) Customs and all that went fine, no problems there. Oklahoma for the first few days was really hot and humid, but the weather has gotten a lot nicer here so I'm liking it now. We probably have 3 Spanish lessons a week, so most is English, but I'm still practicing my Spanish. I was asleep for most of the plane ride here, we were all so tired. Our apartment is okay, it's old though. Missionaries have been living here since the 90's so there are parts that could be better, but it's home. And we are trying to make it look better a little everyday. So the bike riding here- it gets hard if you are riding against the wind, but I'm getting better. So far I say that a backpack is better then a side-bag, I feel lopsided while riding a bike at times. We are so busy here, and I guess that is a good thing, but I'm still trying to organize all my stuff. There is a place here called Braum, it's a hamburger and ice cream place, it's really popular here! I think the members have taken us there 3 times this week, and it's pretty good. That's what I like about here, everyone is so nice and willing to talk about God with you, even if they don't want to here our message. It's still a little strange to me, but normal here. We go around and ask random people if they want to say a prayer with us, and most of the time they say yes, so that's really cool. Our area is great, we have a lot of investigators that we meet with, and one of them is getting baptized on Saturday! The Missionaries here are great too, and me and Hermana Haddock (we were in the same district at the CCM) are in the same district here too, so its nice to see a familiar face once in a while. So I have Elder Jolley (my Dad) and Elder Gardner (Elder Jolley's Dad,- my Grandpa). So I'm their son and grandson, and that's what we call each other sometimes. We had our first Sunday here and it was cool, Elder Jolley was translating today, so I'm trying to practice so someday I can translate for church too. It's cool to find new investigators, and most of them are pretty cool. So on Monday we had mission tour which is a meeting for most of the OK missionaries, they talked a lot about working with members in the wards and sadly, no talk about i-pads yet, we all really want i-pads here, it would really make everything easier. So I'm glad it's p-day, we have a little break from our week so that's good. I like when we teach our investigators, it's a lot harder than in the CCM, but I have learned a lot more here! I'm still trying to get better at taking to people on the street, it's going slow. So everything is going well and I'm loving it here. How has everyone been? And I'm still jealous of all that rain, I wish I could have been there to see it, and no school, really? Hope everyone is doing well.
We saw this rainbow on our last day of the CCM, its a sign! 

Elder Gardner (Grandpa), Elder Jolley (Dad) and Me

Elder Jolley and I

The Oklahoma Sky

Friday, September 5, 2014

September 2, 2014 Arrival Day

Sorry that I couldn't call, I thought I could then yesterday we found out that we couldn't call at the airport. So I survived the plane trip, and yes, he really is that tall.
Love you all and I miss you,
In Oklahoma City!

Monday, September 1, 2014

CCM- Week 6

I know it's Saturday, but it's my last day!!! And I don't have much time for computer today. And yes I will be calling from the airport in Dallas :). Oklahoma! I'm so excited, 6 weeks went by so fast. People have finally figured out my riddles! We had lots of meetings on Friday, the whole day. It was a little boring at times, but there was some good lessons. The power has been going out a lot lately, at times it is pretty cool. One of the nights, the power went out and so everyone got out flashlights and were trading ties, it was really cool. We are walking around and we go past some people and they say, "3rd floor room 305" so we go up to there, and there is about 20 people in the room all trading ties, it is the like the black-market of ties at the CCM. I am getting really good at sewing now, I fix peoples things. So far I have fixed 4 ties and 2 shirts. The mosquitos are getting annoying, they are really liking my left arm for some reason but it's finally feeling better. I think I'm allergic to them just like Elle. Bug spray is good to have. We have been taking a lot of pictures and having so much fun the past few days, we are almost out of here!! I have everything packed and tickets printed, they have scales to weigh things here so that's good, I think I'm all ready, sorry for the shorter email, but not much happened this week and I do have a shorter time to use the computer today. Love you guys, and the next time I will be in the US!
Oh and we have been playing lots of volleyball, it was the Latinos vs the Americans, I got to be included in the Latino side, I have been accepted as one of their own :) We won, 7-6 it was a really awesome game.
Me and My Teacher

Welcome to our Class

The CCM Tie Trade

Our District

The Last Supper

Our District

Guard Towers are Done