Sunday, April 24, 2016

Del City, Oklahoma- Week 81

This week was a good week, it's getting pretty windy out side right now, but that is the weather is Oklahoma. Monday was good, on Tuesday and Wednesday we didn't do anything, I got sick Tuesday morning and so for those two days I was in bed, I don't know that I had, but no energy and lots of sinus pressure. So not much happened then, I'm getting better now, on Thursday I felt a little better, so we went out for a little bit and saw some people, Friday we had district meeting, and we had a lesson with the McCunes, it went great, we set a baptismal date with her daughter for March 5, and she is really excited for it!! I don't know, sorry not a lot for this week because of sickness, but I'm loving it out here, everything is doing great. For P-day today we are having a Zone P-day so all of us are going to do sports! Love you!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Del City, Oklahoma- Week 80

I'm doing good, we have had a great week! On Tuesday, we helped out at a group home for people with special needs who are able to work, I love all those people there! :) One of them, Tracy is awesome, he loves coming to church with us on Sundays! :) Well, Sister Ballentyne was wearing some rain boots there, so as I'm talking to Tracy, he sees her and asks me why she is wearing rubber boots? Aren't her feet hot in them? He thought it was the funniest thing in the world, and from that point on, he calls Sister Ballentyne hot black rubber boots, it was funny. We had a temple trip on Wednsday, I love the temple, its is so special, I wish we were able to go more often then we do. Then on Thursday we have started a Book of Mormon class, not that many people there, but hopefully we can get more there! Then on Friday, our ward had a temple trip, so we got to go again!!! I learned so much that time, it was really cool! Going back to last Monday, at Walmart, while we were shopping there was this lady that kept looking at us and we could tell that she wanted to say something to us but seemed a little scared to, so we talked with her, and she told us that she was a member of the church but hasn't gone in a long time, and her life went downhill after that, and she has been praying that she would find some missionaries again, so that we could help her and her family, and so on Saturday we went to her house and had a great lesson with them, and on Sunday, they came to church!!!! and I saw some other people at church too! Hope that you are having a great week!