Monday, July 27, 2015

Chickasha, Oklahoma- Week 51

This week is crazy busy as usual :) one of our investigators got baptized this week! So that was great to see, everything went great, and I was able to do the confirmation, I was a little nervous for that at first, but after, that feeling went away, it is amazing how the spirit works! And I thought it was really cool that she wanted me to do it :). Our investigators are doing good, they are progressing and it is so cool to see what a change the gospel has on their lives. We had a service project for Tammy this week, members of the branch and us came over and helped her with some yard work, that was a big help to her because she is getting hip surgery soon, and then wouldn't be able to do it for a while. I think it is acts of service like that, could be big or small, that are things that someone will remember for a long time. On Wednesday, we got to have a movie night at the church! We watched Meet the Mormons, and quite a few people showed up! It was great to see more of the branch here come together and have investigators there too. We had popcorn and some other snacks there. Most people here haven't seen that movie before and they loved it!  On Friday we had exchanges, I went to Anadarko with Elder Lindelof, we had a pretty good day, talked to people, walked around a lot, and had some really good lessons. They are also having a baptism soon. I always like exchanges, you get to meet different people, and it is really cool to see when we talk with people on the street. Most of them that we talk to have talked with missionaries in the past. On Sunday we had branch conference, and we had two of our investigators come to church! The talks were awesome, I think everyone enjoyed it. We had a potluck afterward which was also super fun. Still trying to learn the area, its going a little better, I have a little map that I keep in my pocket to look at, so that helps. Have to get ready for when Elder Lyman leaves, and that is in a week and a half now! I have moved a lot, normally people stay in areas a lot longer. I don't know why I have been moved around so much and President doesn't say ahead of time. I have been in 5 areas, and have had 8 companions so far...... that's more than some get in their entire two years. Alright, love and miss you all!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Chickasha, Oklahoma- Week 50

This has been a crazy and busy week! We have had lots of lessons with people so our days are full of rushing around to the next appointment, the weather is getting hotter outside, but it is still cooler than Arizona! So we have been riding our bikes a lot. And dont worry, I have been drinking lots of water. Every Wednesday we do service at the animal shelter, so we take the dogs out of their kennels and walk them for a little bit, that has been fun, we always smell like wet dog afterwards though. So on Wednsday or Thursday we parked our car like we always do, and rode on our bikes, well we came back to our car at about 8:45ish, and we couldn't find it! It was the wierdest thing, because we were pretty sure we remembered where we parked it, so we looked for it for about 45min, and still couldn't find it, so we called our vehicle cordinator and president to tell them. Because by now, we are thinking either it got towed, or someone stole it.... so it was a long night, between police and calling mission leaders, so the next day a member calls us and tells us that he found the car, and yup it was there, we just don't remember at all that it was parked there, to that was really weird. But we have it, and everything is all good now, so that was a eventfull part of the week. We also met a guy who is taller than President Walkenhorst, the guy was 7'3, that's pretty tall.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Chickasha, Oklahoma- Week 49

Never a dull moment in Chickasha, we are always really busy and rushing around everywhere, we are seeing lots of people which is good. It is cool to watch the Branch here slowly grow. So last Monday was fun, we went to a members house and played snooker while we were there, it was fun. We have two investigators, Tammy and Ms. Yoshi, they live across the street from one another, but they both have the largest gardens I have ever seen, it is really cool looking, I will have to take a picture of it sometime. And they have everything in them, even fish, they took the back of a old truck and lined it with a tarp, and turned it into a pond, it looks really cool. So I really like going over there and seeing all the plants and fish. We helped some members move this week, it was pretty hot outside, I like it better in the winter. We went down to Rush Springs on Wednesday to visit some people, that went well, and there is a Watermelon festival happening soon down there, so that sounds cool, everyone here talks about it and how good the watermelons are. I think we are starting to do better with the miles and the car, we drive more to the center of our area and then we bike from there, so yeah, biking a lot more now. We have a few more investigators this week, everyone is doing well. Had a good time at church, it is awesome to see people coming back to church, they are so much happier with the gospel in their lives. Love you!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Chickasha, Oklahoma- Week 48

It's been a good week, we are still very busy here. Finally got everything unpacked so that is good. The Mission is still downsizing so we had quite a bit of miles for our car taken away :( So, we mostly bike everywhere now. We are still teaching a lot of people, so that is good. Zone p-day last week was really fun! We went to the Wichita Mountains and hiked and explored them! I really liked doing that, and I took pictures! So that was a good start to this week. We went on exchanges on Friday so I went to Anadarko, and Elder Lyman stayed here. It was a good exchange, I forgot how different Oklahoma was from Texas, there are a lot of Native Americans in Anadarko, so I was asked quite a few times, what tribe am I from? Lots of People think I'm Native American. It's funny. Starting to meet a lot more people from the ward, and slowly learning the area. There was a Forth of July party at the church, and that was fun. At the beginning, it was really stormy and a lot of rain, so we thought at first the fireworks might be canceled, but the storm didn't last very long, so everything went great. We played ultimate frisbee, and volleyball, till it got dark, and since the church is in the park and they do the fireworks in the park it was the perfect place to watch them, and we were pretty close too. They were good fireworks. :) Chickasha is getting better, but it is still a large area, or for me it is :), so I still have lots to learn.
The Old District Is Back!!!

Our Hike


Monday, July 6, 2015

Chickasha, Oklahoma- Week 47

So my new address is 204 E. Almar Dr. Apt 804, Chickasha Oklahoma 73018. So in Chickasha we have a huge area, we cover most of Grady County, so I'm glad we have a car. :) So this week,  has been crazy, too much change and I don't like getting transferred :( We have been so busy here in Chickasha since I have gotten here, which is good, but I'm still not totally unpacked yet, it seems like I only have a few minutes everyday to do so, so with all that going on it is a little hard, but we have seen lots of miracles this week. We got two new investigators and they are really cool! It's really funny about Texas, when you are in Oklahoma, everyone doesn't want to go to Texas, but since I have been there, I think it is the one of the best places in the mission! I am going to miss everyone there. So this week has been crazy busy like I said. So hopefully this week I can get more stuff done.... there are lots of mosquitos here, they are no fun.... so on Tuesday night, we were helping the other missionaries in Texas move their stuff into our apartment, so I just wore my socks and sandals, well, we are standing outside and then I notice, my feet feel like they are burning.... so I go inside and take off my socks to look at my feet, got bit by a whole bunch of mosquitos!! So that made it really fun to walk around in the heat for the next few days.  But they are finally better now, and don't worry I still have lots of bug spray. I was so sad to leave my investigators in Texas   :( and I hope they are in good hands, it's not the same as leaving them in your companions hands though because we both left the area.... and Chickasha is medium size, but we cover almost an entire county! Oh and the Church building here is next to a  Park! And they have a good view of it. :) It is a branch here, so there are not many people, 2 months ago one of the members went on a mission and she was a recent convert! The last time some one went on a mission here was 10 years ago... the work is hastening! Love you all! 

Witchita Falls, Texas- Week 46

So, last Monday we had Zone P-day, and that was really fun, we got to play dodge ball, so that was a fun change from what we normally do. After that we went to dinner, and the zone leaders wanted to go to this place call Wasabi, so we and a few other went with them, it was a awesome place! It was also really expensive though, but they cooked the food infront of us! And then after that, we had a meeting, and a training, learned a lot from those. We helped out at the food bank, that is always fun to do. We saw Mike and Steve, they are doing well, his foot is getting better everyday! :) We had another lesson with Tyler and Chennel, we taught the Doctrine of Christ and it went great, they are awesome! We were able to see a lot more people this week, so we were busy most days. On Friday, we had exchanges with the zone leaders, Elder Wilcox came with me to my area. We saw lots of miracles, we got in with people that we normally don't, so hopefully it will be easier to visit them in the future. On Saturday, we did our last day of the Parade of Homes for Habitat for Humanity, it was fun, we sold tickets inside, and the homes were really pretty. Friday night it started raining again, it rained 3 inches that night, so all the rivers rose a lot the next day, the thunder was really loud, woke me up a few times, but I like the sound of thunder so it's ok. Saturday and Sunday night it rained a lot too, seems like that is what it is going to do for most of the week, I like it if it will keep the temperature down. Until next week! Love you!