Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Del City, Oklahoma- Week 75

Sorry I wasn't on yesterday, there was snow and ice, and the cars were grounded, and the library was closed, so It has been pretty cold outside, but I have been staying warm! since I got to talk to you on Skype on Christmas, that was most of the week. Since then, after Christmas is when the winter storm started, so it was snowing and raining and everything in between, I guess that is Oklahoma, combine everything in one. So we saw everyone we could that was in walking distance, then after that, it was a lot of staying inside the apartment, it is really boring staying inside all day, luckily today everything is unthawing... sort of, but good enough to be on a bike. Things are sort of warming up. Instead of 29-32, its 32-34, but that's the high, so stuff melts a little and then freezes again at night, but the roads and walkways aren't icy anymore, so that's good! Love you all! 

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Del City, Oklahoma- Week 74

Hey! Merry Christmas!
This was a really fun week, so on Monday we went to the zoo! We got to see a lot of animals there, it was really cool and of course I had to take a lot of pictures of everything, we got to see most of the animals there, so we had a good time with that. I still knew a lot about most of the animals there, so I could name most of the animals. We were able to see a few people this week and have some good lessons with them. On Wednesday, we get to help out at the food bank, that is always fun to do. We were able to get a lot done there. On Thursday, we had our Christmas conference in the city, that was good as always, so that took up the whole day.  On Saturday, it was really fun!! Our district went up to Choctaw to help one of their investigators with one of his pigs that he was going to kill that morning, so we all went up there and helped him skin it and butcher it, I thought it was something different, so I know know how to butcher a pig, I was thinking, this could be like the following, hahaha ;) Sunday was good too, they had a little Christmas program, sang a lot of songs, it was nice, we have been pretty busy this week, and then it is going to be Christmas!!!!!!


Saw this on a garage door :) 

Friday, February 12, 2016

Chickasha, Oklahoma- Week 73

This week was a little crazy, the first half of the week was mostly packing, and saying goodbye to people. I am a little sad to leave, but the Lord needs me in Del City now, Del City is a interesting place. It's pretty small, but we also cover parts of Midwest city and Oklahoma City, I really wished that they gave us a car, we bike everywhere. I'm still the district leader, so it is us, sisters in Midwest city, and elders in Choctaw. My companion is Elder Barton, he is a cool guy, I think we are going to get along great. Everyone is asking me now how long I have been out, I tell them a year and a half, and they all say so your going home soon! I still have a while!!! But we did figure out that I have been out longer then every person in the district combined...... so this week, I have been trying to get used to this area, it seems a lot bigger, and we are near Tinker, so we get to go on base sometimes :) and it's cool to see the different planes getting ready to land, so they are closer to the ground. I got to see Elder Hoffman! He stopped by at the church on Sunday night, so it was cool to see him again. He came back to Oklahoma for a little, because Janie sadly passed away on Saturday :(. And to answer your questions, Elder Pearson is still in Chickasha, and I was able to say good bye to most people, which I am happy about, very glad I was able to say good bye to Janie:) and Elder Barton has been out for 6 months, and it is a ward here, so lots of people, they even have YSA (young single adults ward) here. 

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The Doss`s and Bro. Kirby


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