Monday, March 28, 2016

Del City, Oklahoma- Week 79

The weather is starting to warm up again this week, but it has been really windy. We have continued our efforts of trying to see all the people on the ward list, it's going slowly, but we are doing it, and we are teaching a few of them again, so hopefully we can bring them back to church. So our week has been pretty good, lots of bike riding, and Sister Ballantyne's new companion is Sister Long, she just came out, so Sister Ballantyne is training. The sisters had a baptism on Saturday for Serenity, and I got to baptize her, so that is pretty cool! :) This week we get to have a zone temple trip on Wednesday, so I'm excited for that! And then on Friday, our ward is having a temple trip, so we get to go to that too!! So this week is going to be great! We also found out that sometime in February, one of the Apostles is coming to speak to the mission!! Another thing I have been working on this week in my free time is making bone pens, Elder Barton and I had ribs for dinner last week, and I thought hey, maybe I can make something out of the bones, so we cleaned them up and whitened them, and now turning them into pens, they look pretty cool :) 


Cool Moon

Monday, March 14, 2016

Del City, Oklahoma- Week 78

So the library was closed yesterday, but I'm on now :) This was a pretty good week, first, Elder Barton and I are staying together so that is good, Sister Slack is leaving, and Sister Ballantyne is training. We have had a good week this week! So on Monday, that was really fun! We went to the bone museum here, it was really cool! They had some videos of how that did all that stuff, the largest thing they have there was a whale. We got a few new investigators this week! :) We are helping one of them stop smoking and so far it is going well, she told us that that ever since we gave her a Book of Mormon, every time she smokes, she feels sick so she has to put it out! We were able to set some baptismal dates with a few of our investigators, and 3 of them are siblings, so we had a lesson with to of them, then at the end of the lesson, their brother came in and joined them, and Elder Barton asked him how old he was, and he was above 8, so his brother looked at him and asked him if he wanted to be baptized, and he said yes! Then the brother picked a date to be baptized on too! It was really cool, easiest baptism invitation I have ever seen, wish they would happen like that more often! :) We had district meeting, that went well, next week there is going to be a broadcast, so I don't have to plan for next week, I get a break! Sunday was ward conference, and 3rd hour, Elder Barton and I got to teach the young men, we taught about the God Head, it turned out pretty well. At the beginning of the week it was cold, but is starting to warm up a little bit more, the weather is interesting. My knee hasn't been causing me too much trouble lately, I have also been taking it a little easier on it, so I bet that helps. 

Bone Museum! 

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Del City, Oklahoma- Week 77

It snowed this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It wasn't that much, but in the morning when it did, it looked pretty cool, it wasn't ice this time! :) This was a pretty good week. It has been pretty cold all week, so always wearing a suit and jacket now, good news with my knee, I told Sister Perry, the mission nurse about it, and apparently she is creating a list of missionaries who have those kinds of problems that would make biking harder for them, and so when president is doing transfers, he can look at that list to put those people in consideration, so I have a better chance to be in a car area now.  We have been continuing to find people on the ward lists that we don't know, and so far it is working out great! :) We have been able to find a few more people, and we are meeting them again next week! We had a cool lesson with a less active, we brought a member with us, and in the past we could never get her to church but in that lesson, the member we had out with us was awesome, he was very bold but she needed it, and while we were talking to her, even her mom- who is not a member- was trying to get her to go to church as well!! And then this Sunday, she came!!!!! We also had service at the food bank, fun as always. Been pretty busy this week running around to see different people. Had a good district meeting, and after I went to Choctaw for the day for exchanges, they went well, and then the next morning Elder Hatch and I went to the guys house who had the pig and we helped him turn it into sausage, that was fun, so after that then we exchanged back. This Sunday I gave my talk, and it went well, I needed to look up more, oh well, next time. But church was good.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Del City, Oklahoma- Week 76

We had a good New Years, for most of the day we were busy trying to see people, then in the evening, we went to a members house for the rest of the night. We had fun, and played games, and watched Meet The Mormons. This week went by fast, on Tuesday we and a STM, a meeting with the whole zone there, it was at the building in Midwest City, so we didn't have to drive forever to get there like we normally do! So that was good. We haven't had anymore rain or snow, but it has still been cold outside. Service at the food bank is fun, we were pretty busy last time, people donated a lot of stuff, so we were trying to go through it all. One of our Zone Leaders, Elder Curay dislocated his knee a few days ago playing basketball, so he has a splint on his leg, we are wondering what is going on with our zone, first Sister Slack's elbow, and now a knee, he is doing better now though, so that is good. One thing that we have been trying to do is organize the ward lists that we have, so that it will be easier to see people, so we started seeing some of the people of the lists that we didn't know- so far it is turning out fairly well. For the most part, everyone was very nice, and said we could come back. I think I am speaking next week, so I get a little more time to practice now, so that is good. 
You know the storm is bad when no one is at Walmart!