Monday, September 21, 2015

Chickasha Oklahoma- Week 56

This week has gone by pretty well, the weather is starting to heat back up again, so hopefully it will go back down, we are still teaching lots of people and next month we are getting another set of missionaries so the area is going to be split, so we are trying to get everything ready for that. We committed two people this week to baptism, it was awesome! I love the spirit, they weren't sure about a date yet, but they said if the Book of Mormon is true, they would! We also have been working with another guy, we first met him and talked to him about family history, he told us he was really interested in family history and we could come by, but didn't want to hear our message, so we have been coming by and talking to him, sharing cool stuff we found in the bible, then a little of the Book of Mormon, then talking about gospel topics- what is the purpose of life and  things like that. After that came up, we told him a little about the Plan of Salvation, and we said we could come back next week and share more with him, because he is interested. So this week we got to share the Plan of Salvation with him, and he said it all made sense! It was really cool how we were finally able to teach him! So everything is going good, I was sick over the weekend, but I feel a lot better today, it was nothing bad, just had a headache and was tired and allergies, we are making sure we are both washing our hands all the time, there have been quite a few people we know that are getting sick but like I said, felling better now! :) Love you! 
Us at the Temple! :)

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Chickasha, Oklahoma- Week 55

The weather this week has been really nice, we got some rain at the beginning of the week, and for the rest it just has been overcast, but the temperature is in the 80`s, so it feels great for once. :) We have been staying busy as always, have been seeing people, and they have been doing good, we are getting more people at church, so the branch is still growing. Nothing that crazy or eventful happened this week, but we got a new investigator, we taught his wife a week ago, and this week when we came over, he listened too, one thing that I noticed is how cool it is when you meet people that have already come in contact with the church, so for example, our new investigator and his wife, they already have a Book of Mormon and she reads from it from  time to time, has relatives that are members, and is friends with some members, so what I would say about that is where ever you go, make sure you always act as you should, people are always watching, and it sets a positive message to someone who meets you about the church, which can help plant seeds later down in life. We volunteered at the animal shelter on Wednesday, and it started to rain while we were outside, so we sort of smelled like wet dog hahaha! And we also went down to Rush Springs, I have been really liking going down there, we are starting to talk with more people there, and for the most part everyone has been very nice. We had district meeting in Chickasha on Friday, that went well, and President Walkenhorst decided to stop by for the meeting, so that was cool to see him there. The mission is going by too fast now, people are asking me how long i have left, oh, around a year, its going by too fast!!! Love you all!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Chickasha, Oklahoma- Week 54

It was a good week, on Tuesday there was a leadership meeting, so Anadarko, Wichita Falls, and Altus, dropped off their companions here with us while they went to the city to the meeting, so me and Elder Roundy are like, ok, great, what do we do with so many missionaries?! So we all got on our bikes and went tracting. I took two of the missionaries with me and Elder Roundy took one with him. It all went pretty well. We got a new investigator while tracting, we offered to say a pray with the person, and after they invite us inside and we were able to teach the restoration, turns out they know some members of the ward and have some relatives that are members as well, so know about the church. That was really cool. On Wednesday we went down to Rush Springs again, had a pretty good time there, found some more potential investigators and saw some members down there. Thursday was the best because we got to go to the temple!!! We had our zone temple trip, it was great! :) We had exchanges on Friday, Elder Day came with me to our area, it went well, did a little service mowing a members lawn, and was able to see people. We saw Tammy, she is doing better from her hip surgery, we had dinner at a members and it was really good. We met with a guy who is really into family history so we met and talked to him for a while, and told him about the churches family history center, he said that he would go and check it out! On Sunday we had a lot of people there, the branch is growing! And Tone, our investigator, brought his son with him to church, and he liked it! So they are both are going to come every week now! Love you! Have a great week!