Monday, November 24, 2014

Blanchard,Oklahoma- Week 18

Yup! I'm in Blanchard now, it's a little different than Clinton. It's Elder Hoffman and I, we still don't have a car, and again we really need one- even if I don't want to drive one. Our area covers Blanchard, Cole, Dibble, Washinton, Lindsey, Purcell, part of Norman, part of Alex, and Goldsby. Why don't we have a car for this? There is a lot of missionaries leaving soon so president is going to close 8 areas in the next couple months, we might get New Castle's area too. But that might mean we get there car. Elder Hoffman is pretty awesome, we both love 80's music and so we are always singing songs on our bikes. Still trying to get used to the area, it is not as windy here, but for the last two days Hoffman and I were having to bike around in the storm, lots of wind and rain, so that wasn't that much fun, but we survived it :) We found some new investigators a few days ago, the Elam family, they are from Arizona, so I was talking to them alot about Arizona. I thought that was really cool. For district meetings, we have to get a ride up to Norman, the meeting was really good, and after that we all went to Wendy's. It was really cool, there was a guy there that pulls up in a Polaris Slingshot, have you heard of that before? Apparently they just came out, it looked really cool and there was a crowd of people around it looking at it. Ok, so about the transfers since it was just Clinton and Weatherford transfering, we went with Weatherford to transfers. It was in Moore. Our apartment is on the 2nd floor, so not fun to get our bikes up there everyday. It is just Elder Hoffman and I in our area. Tortilla tally is 2 for this week. Don't know what we are doing for Thanksgiving yet. I love you guys and miss you!

My New Home

At Wendy's

Elder Hoffman and I!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Clinton,Oklahoma- Week 17


So last p-day was nice, more of a relaxing p-day, got to clean up the apartment and sleep a little bit more. So this week, guess what?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? it snowed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This week was a little crazy, Carlos and Amy sadly didn't get married this week, they didnt get their marriage license in time, but there was another couple in the ward that did so we got to go to that, so that was cool. and Matthew got baptized! Best part of the week, next to the snow. So we are filling up the font, and the water is brownish green..... great. 30min till he gets here, so we are all trying to drain the thing when another room starts flooding, so a few of us (and there are 10 elders there for the baptism) go to that room to try to stop it, the rest of us are all in the font trying to scrub it to get it clean again (4 or 5 of us in the font with brushes) it was pretty funny. Well, by the end when we filled it again, the water looked better, not perfect but ok, so we had it! It was a great baptism and that night we went to the Arnies house for a early Thanksgiving dinner, it was really good. I love going over to the Arnies, we go over there every saturday, and everyone there is soo funny. So yeah it snowed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All the work this week slowed down a lot because of the snow, all cars and bikes were grounded, so we had to walk everywhere in the snow. But I was warm, so that was good. Yesterday we went out with Texus, we had lots of fun in the snow with his car, he did a few donuts and was drifting in the snow. So we stayed warm in the car :). It was 17 degrees this morning, I love the cold!! Don't worry I'm staying healthy. Love you guys!
IT SNOWED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Matthew's Baptism

Lots of Missionaries at the Baptism


More Snow!

Well, you wanted to know if i was transferring or not...
I'm going to Blanchard, Oklahoma on Wednesday 

Marty, Ashley, and I 

Carlos, Amy, and I

Texus and I

Elder Jolley gave our district socks!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Clinton,Oklahoma- Week 16


This week it's going to start getting colder! Yes! High of 30!! and it might snow, so I can't wait! Last p-day was fun, we went to the city for zone p-day where all the missionaries were playing basketball and mafia all day, then we all went to eat at which wich, that place is soo good, then we had our zone training. I think that one is my favorite so far, I took lots of notes on it, so the training ended at around 9:30pm, which is fine for everyone else because they live in the city so they are close, but Clinton, Elk, and Weatherford are about an hour and a half drive away, so we are driving home, and we are in the middle of a huge storm, after the 3rd time our truck hydroplaned on the road we slowed down a lot, so it was an even longer drive home. The storm was still crazy once we got to Clinton, so the Elder's from Elk City stayed at our place for the night because we didn't think it would be safe for them to drive another 30 min to Elk in the storm and it was 11:30 at night. On another note, it's really funny, I am like the missionary tutor now. I sometimes help this kid in Young Men's with his homework when we go over to see the family, and a few days ago one of the members called us and asked if either one of us were good at math, I am! so I helped him study for some tests he had for his job, and he has the craziest job ever! He is the person who fixes the electrical wire on the really tall poles. He goes in a helicopter to get up there, then he climbs out and hangs onto the poles, it's really cool and insane. I'm not a fan of heights so I will leave that to him. Had a really good lesson with Emmerson on Wednesday. Sadly, he was really drunk at the time so he couldn't really feel the spirit or understand that much, but the spirit was there and taught him the best I could for about a hour mostly by myself, so that is something I thought was amazing for me that I could do that. Saturday is going to be the craziest day in the world for us! 2 baptisms (hopefully 3) and a wedding for our investigators Carlos and Amy all on the same day! Jolley and I are still trying to figure everything out, like I said its going to be a crazy day, but a amazing one as well. We got two new investigators with week, and it's really funny story, sort of- since the day after Halloween everyone in Clinton has been telling us about this guy who was stabbed 12 times on Halloween. Well, 2 days ago we were knocking on doors and we actually met the guy, he was interested in the message so we were able to talk to him for a while and teach him about the restoration. We gave him a Book of Mormon and he said that he would read it. We went back the next day to have another lesson, but he wasn't home so we left a card on his door with our number on it- and he actually called us back saying sorry he wasn't home and that that never happens. Elder Jolley said that is the first time ever for him that someone has actually called us back when we leave a note, members don't even do that, that is soo cool. So the rest of the week was baptismal interviews and setting stuff up. Love you guys have a great week!!!

I am ready for winter!!!

I got a spear head, it's pretty cool. I love getting stuff :) It can go in my "stuff" box (no I don't have one yet, just thought of that right now)

The moon that night was really bright!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Clinton,Oklahoma- Week 15


Halloween was pretty fun! Thank you for the candy so we got to go "trick or treating" that night. We also got glow sticks and covered our bikes and helmets with them, then we went out; that is one reason holidays are the best here, you get to do things that we normally can't, like the glow sticks. I got the packages, I love that flyswatter, that is the best! We sometimes get fruit flies in our apartment, and that is perfect for them, thank you! I got the pants you ordered for me, it was funny because I didn't expect them to come in the mail box; they were just rolled up and shoved in there, I thought it was funny. I love Elder Crane, he is still hanging up in our room, its awesome! I think one of the biggest miracles I have and still see here is when we find people that The Lord has prepared for us, that has happened a few times this week and it still amazes me. The work is progressing and I'm glad I'm a part of it! We also got to have a church tour with one of our investigators this week. And he pretty much set it up by himself. Here is how it started- he works at the k-mart here and we go there sometimes for shopping, so we are checking out and were talking to him. He was telling us that he was sad that he wasn't able to see General Conference or go to our church yet and he likes having us over, so he asked us if we could have a lesson with him this week, check out the church and maybe watch some talks from General Conference at the church...Yes!!!! That was awesome, that lesson went really well. Our area has had so much success, I hope I never leave here!! The hard work and prayers are paying off. The ward trunk or treat was really fun, there was like 10 or more investigators or just people that just showed up, so it was awesome. They had a haunted house, so that was cool, they had some one in a harness hanging from the basketball hoop, so that was really cool, and they filled the whole gym up with fog and made a sort of a maze, it was cool. I went on exchanges with Elk City for Wednesday- Friday, that was fun. Elder Lyman and I were at a service project on Thursday. We picked pecans for this lady, and she said she would make us pecan pie, so yeah!! That sounds so good. So Friday was Halloween!! We all wore our most Halloweenish ties that day! That was good. Marty and Ashley are still doing well, we think that they still might need a few weeks, to get everything ready, but it should be soon! We are so excited for them! Hope everyone is doing well,  time is still going by fast, just think, I have only 1 more Halloween here :) Elder Jolley and I think that we will stay here for another transfer (transfers are on the 19th) hopefully we will. We have soo many baptisms to do if we stay here, around 11 baptisms to do next transfer if everything works out :) I love and miss you all! Until next week, May you find caterpillars under every leaf.
In Elk City, Elder Mieru had a box of cars and Legos, what else was I supposed to do with them?

I got mail :)

So many pecans! I think that night I dreamed of pecans.

Jolley liked the candy too

starting to put glow sticks on my bike :)