Sunday, September 20, 2015

Chickasha, Oklahoma- Week 55

The weather this week has been really nice, we got some rain at the beginning of the week, and for the rest it just has been overcast, but the temperature is in the 80`s, so it feels great for once. :) We have been staying busy as always, have been seeing people, and they have been doing good, we are getting more people at church, so the branch is still growing. Nothing that crazy or eventful happened this week, but we got a new investigator, we taught his wife a week ago, and this week when we came over, he listened too, one thing that I noticed is how cool it is when you meet people that have already come in contact with the church, so for example, our new investigator and his wife, they already have a Book of Mormon and she reads from it from  time to time, has relatives that are members, and is friends with some members, so what I would say about that is where ever you go, make sure you always act as you should, people are always watching, and it sets a positive message to someone who meets you about the church, which can help plant seeds later down in life. We volunteered at the animal shelter on Wednesday, and it started to rain while we were outside, so we sort of smelled like wet dog hahaha! And we also went down to Rush Springs, I have been really liking going down there, we are starting to talk with more people there, and for the most part everyone has been very nice. We had district meeting in Chickasha on Friday, that went well, and President Walkenhorst decided to stop by for the meeting, so that was cool to see him there. The mission is going by too fast now, people are asking me how long i have left, oh, around a year, its going by too fast!!! Love you all!