Sunday, May 31, 2015

Witchita Falls, Texas- Week 42

It was soo good to see everyone yesterday! Not sure what to put in my email now :) seems like I told you everything yesterday. There have been lots of storms this week, it all started on Wednesday after Book of Mormon Class, we got warnings on our phones about tornados, so we look out side and it starting to look a little scary out there. So we go to a members house who has a shelter. We stayed there till this storm passed over us, it seems like we were there for ever. I think we left around 11pm, so we got home late, and that is how it was for all the days after that. Around 4 or so, the storm would come in and we got to shelter. So far for this week the weather looks good till Wednesday again, after that it looks stormy. We are still doing the community service, Tuesday and Wednesday are the last two days, so ready for that to be over. With all of that going on, weather and service, we literally have done nothing else, so that has been hard, next week after all this service is done things should be picking up again, so that's why this email is shorter, but dont worry I have plently of pictures. And it is funny that you sent me that EMS stuff, because yesterday while Elder Santamaria was Skyping, Steven, the member we were with was studying for that and 911 dispacher stuff, and I was helping him study for a test, and I actually did pretty well on the test, got most of them right, he had a practice test with him and he would read me the questions and I would answer them, so that is funny that you brought it up. Have a great week!
The Storm Is Coming!

Weather Watching! Lightning!

Sister Ellis`s "Funeral"

Me with Mike and Steve

Rainbow After The Storm

Another Storm Coming