Sunday, May 31, 2015

Witchita Falls, Texas- Week 43

Just so you know, I didnt get washed away in all the flooding here yesterday, the library was closed so we couldn't email till today. So, last time I think I talked about Chenille  (I think that's how its spelled not sure) and Tyler, well we met with them last Monday night, Tyler wasn't home but she was, we had a amazing lesson with her! And we set up another time to come back which was last night!!!!!!!!!! It was one, if not the best lesson, Elder Santamaria and I have ever had!!!! So they were both home so we got to talk to them both, Tyler is a dog trainer in the airforce, training Malawians and German Sheppard's, so I though that was really cool. It reminded me of the animal rescue back home. So we taught them the restoration, and watched the short restoration DVD, everything went amazing, the spirit was so strong, and we set a Baptismal Date with both of them! They had so many good questions- how do I know who has the correct authority? How does the Book of Mormon and the Bible work together? -and many others like that. One of my favorite was Tyler asked us what our Church thought of tattoos, so we told him about how our bodies are like a temple, then he said "Well, I guess I better stop then with what I have." That whole family is awesome! And we set a return appointment for later this week and they are feeding us dinner! So you were talking about the storms here, yep your right, flooding was becoming a real concern for many here and the city evacuated many on the east side of town (we are safe, where we live, it could never flood into our home). So this week we really got to see all of Wichita and even some surrounding areas come together and help us out. We filled many sandbags this week, companies donated tons and tons of sand and bags, while other donated food and drinks for those who were working. There were so many people that showed up to help fill sandbags for others, and at one point about 40 airmen, showed up in there uniforms and started helping. One of the many cool things that I saw while there was a older lady showed up to the site needing sand bags for her home, so we filled as many as she needed, loaded them onto her truck for her, and then a few people jumped in the back of her truck so that when she got to her house, they could unload and set them up for her. We got to meet with Grace, Mary and Dorcas again! They are doing good, they told us that even though we haven't been there in a while, they have still been reading a little in the Book of Mormon! Luckily this weekend the storms went around us, sparing us from further flooding, so it was not as bad as everyone thought it might have been. I love you all and hope everyone is haveing a great week! 
Also, did i tell you about the three guys that moved into the ward for the summer? They all returned from their missions 6 months ago. I call them the 3 Nephites- one served in Cambodia, one was in Peru, and I forget where the other one served, but they are so cool!