Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Del City, Oklahoma- Week 85

This has been a good week, so on Monday we went over to the McCunes, to have a final lesson with Kylie before she was baptized, that went well, she was so excited about everything! On Tuesday it was Elder Barton saying goodbye to everyone, he was in this area for a while, it was sad to see him go, so Wednesday was transfers, so my new companion is Elder Smith, he seems like a pretty cool guy, he hasn't been out that long, only finished his training, so once again, I'm still the oldest person in the district, and I think the zone as well..... We weren't able to see a lot of people this week, but we went to a lot of places. We had the baptism for Kylie on Saturday!!!!! it was great!! There was a lot of people there, and Elder Barton came back for the Baptism and confirmation! it was great being able to work with this family, it truly was a miracle from the Lord :) We should be getting some storms this week, starting today, so I guess we will see what happens.

I don't think that this is the largest... 

Elder Swensen and I

Elder Mulitalo and I

Elder Barton and I

The McCune Family and I