Thursday, June 2, 2016

Del City, Oklahoma- Week 86

This week went well! We worked pretty hard this week, the weather has been nice, and every morning it has been foggy so that is cool to see. It has also rained a few days this week, luckily we were never caught out in the rain. We had some good lessons with our investigators and also some of the less actives that we are working with. Service at the food pantry was fun, they just got some more storage space, so we spent the time there helping them move stuff in the storage. We had dinner with the McCunes, they are still doing great, I am so glad we were able to meet them, and help them come back to church. We have been starting to work on the names that the bishop told us to go see, and it is getting done, and we were already meeting with most of the people that he told us to see, so we just have a few more, and we were also able to meet more of the members as well, so good things are happening in Del City. On Friday, we had more of a zone meeting than a district meeting, so I didn't have to plan a training, I only have to do one for this week, but the zone leaders talked about the new Easter Initiative, I really like that video, I does remind me a lot of the Christmas one. On Saturday, we helped one of the sisters investigators move from their apartment to the next building over, there was some really funny parts of that move-so they have a huge and heavy mattress, so we are barely able to carry it out to their van. We then stuff that into the van, and put the box spring on the top of the car BUT the car won't start, so we put the car in neutral and we ride as far as we can with that, and then all we have to do is get it out of the car and push it the rest of the way. It was pretty funny, anyway, we got it all done and moved, so that is good, and it felt really nice outside that day too.