Monday, November 17, 2014

Clinton,Oklahoma- Week 17


So last p-day was nice, more of a relaxing p-day, got to clean up the apartment and sleep a little bit more. So this week, guess what?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? it snowed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This week was a little crazy, Carlos and Amy sadly didn't get married this week, they didnt get their marriage license in time, but there was another couple in the ward that did so we got to go to that, so that was cool. and Matthew got baptized! Best part of the week, next to the snow. So we are filling up the font, and the water is brownish green..... great. 30min till he gets here, so we are all trying to drain the thing when another room starts flooding, so a few of us (and there are 10 elders there for the baptism) go to that room to try to stop it, the rest of us are all in the font trying to scrub it to get it clean again (4 or 5 of us in the font with brushes) it was pretty funny. Well, by the end when we filled it again, the water looked better, not perfect but ok, so we had it! It was a great baptism and that night we went to the Arnies house for a early Thanksgiving dinner, it was really good. I love going over to the Arnies, we go over there every saturday, and everyone there is soo funny. So yeah it snowed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All the work this week slowed down a lot because of the snow, all cars and bikes were grounded, so we had to walk everywhere in the snow. But I was warm, so that was good. Yesterday we went out with Texus, we had lots of fun in the snow with his car, he did a few donuts and was drifting in the snow. So we stayed warm in the car :). It was 17 degrees this morning, I love the cold!! Don't worry I'm staying healthy. Love you guys!
IT SNOWED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Matthew's Baptism

Lots of Missionaries at the Baptism


More Snow!

Well, you wanted to know if i was transferring or not...
I'm going to Blanchard, Oklahoma on Wednesday 

Marty, Ashley, and I 

Carlos, Amy, and I

Texus and I

Elder Jolley gave our district socks!