Thursday, March 12, 2015

Wichita Falls, Texas- Week 33

I don't know if this has been a short or long week, on Tuesday we took the car in to get the oil changed, this car seems it is always in the shop. Anyway so we took it in to get the oil changed, and while we are waiting, we got to watch Turbo, we thought it was the best movie ever!.... but of course we didn't watch it :) or at least tried not to.  So after the oil, they told us about the front tires, they needed to be replaced, and one had a leak in it which we knew about, so we had to call Elder Williams again, to get that approved, so they replaced the two front tires, then after that they wanted to align everything, so they did that too, so that took forever, it seems like we are always calling Elder Willams, so yeah. Then we went to go visit Mike and Steve again, Steve had to go to the hospital for his foot, so hopefully he will be back soon, we have been visiting them both quite a bit this week, they are best friends so we went to see them to cheer them up. At the hospital Steve recognized a lot of the members that are doctors there, so it's nice to know they are in good hands. There was snow and ice this week again, so that was fun to see, but the ice built up on one of the windshield wipers and tore the rubber part off, so there is another call to Elder Willams, hahaha so we got another one. Exchanges went well, we saw a lot of people and had good success, pretty good day. Love you guys!