Monday, March 2, 2015

Wichita Falls, Texas- Week 32

I'm glad I got to finish emailing on Tuesday, that night, we had dinner with the bishop, and so it was Elder Rodriguez, Elder Quist, Elder Schwartz, and I. So bishop and his family are talking to us mostly in Spanish, and it was really funny because Elder Quist is the only English Elder there, so he has no idea what we are talking about. I am better at understanding then speaking, so hopefully my speaking will improve someday. We took the car in the day after exchanges and we finally got the car back last Thursday after waiting at the car place for the entire morning. The insurance company had not paid yet, so that was the only hold up, the car was in the parking lot all done and clean for us, but we couldn't get it yet, so finally after calling Elder Williams, he is in charge of the cars, he called them, and I don't think he was to happy with them about being late, because we had to have the car for Friday which was the next day. So we got it and everything was good. On Friday we had Zone Conference, where we all got the infamous Black Boxes on our cars! So it knows everything about the car, it is sort of annoying now- before you start the car, you have your seatbelt on then you start it, then you have this card that they gave us, so we have to sign in to the car! It was nice though because Elder Quist offered to drive to Lawton, so I'm like yes!! So I didn't have to drive there, I still don't like driving. After the conference, it started to snow a lot! So it was a good thing that I was not driving :) It snowed on Friday and the morning of Saturday then it changed to freezing rain, so the cars were grounded, the bad part was that we still have to see people, so on Saturday we walked about 10 miles in the snow to go visit people. So the snow was on the ground and that was soft, but then there was the freezing rain on top of that- so there was a hard covering then we would walk on it and break though the top layer of ice and into the snow under neither, it was really weird walking on. We were so sore after that. Because of the weather, church was canceled, so it was weird not going to church on Sunday, it was like a regular day. Today the snow and ice is finally gone, the temperature is still cold but its safe to drive so that's good. Steve and Mike (from my email last week) are roommates in a nursing home, Mike is a member and because of him, his roommate Steve, is getting baptised soon! We love going over there and talking to them, Mike has a board with the pictures of all the missionaries that have been there, there are a lot so it is cool to see and he remembers all of them! The dryer in our apartment works, the problem is that the power cord doesn't fit in the outlet, but its fine, I'm glad just to have a washer! Wichita Falls isn't really a Spanish area, there are Spanish speakers here though. We are slowly getting more people, but I still haven't used Spanish that much, and Elder Rodriguez really doesn't practice Spanish, so I'm trying to get him to help me more, its hard to practice because we never use it. We are having a exchange on Friday, Elder Schwartz is coming down to our place with me, so its going to be just like the MTC again. Should be fun. Okay, Love you guys!
This was after we rode our bikes all day in freezing rain!

The car is frozen