Monday, January 4, 2016

Chickasha, Oklahoma- Week 71

So the weather this week was the same all week! The high was in the 30`s! And it rained all week! So it has been pretty cold. On Tuesday, we went to the museum, and we got to set up a model train and all the tracks, that was really cool. Elder Pearson has been sick this week, so we stayed in most of Wednesday, that day seemed to go on forever! What I did for most of the day is work on the branch roster that we have, we have been trying to find all those people that we don't know and find out if they still live there or not, so what I did is find all our telephone directories and yellow pages that we had and tried to find people that way, it took a long time, but I actually found more people than I thought I would, so I was happy about that. And Thanksgiving!!!! So we had Thanksgiving with the Shaw's, it was really fun, the food was great, and then after we played lots of games. :) We had a great time there. Also, that was the day when the cold front came through, so earlier that day, it is raining, by the time that we left their house, it was still raining, but it was freezing outside! I think the temperature was 37. Only in Oklahoma would it be in the 30's and pouring rain. Well, this continued for the rest of the time and still happening now! So Friday was a cold day, on Friday though, we all went to Pauls Valley for a zone meeting, they talked about the new video that came out, A Savior Is Born. and I love it! Friday night is when everything started freezing, so all the plants and trees were covered in thick ice, it looked cool, but by Saturday morning, lots of trees were falling because of the weight, and we saw a few tractors going down streets to clear the roads, and lots of power and cable company cars fixing all the power lines as well. luckily we didn't lose power, but some of the members did for the day. So the work this week was slower, because of sickness, and with the weather outside, and of course, the Bedlam game, but we did the best we could with it, so that's good! On Sunday there wasn't a lot of people at church but it was still good, we got to show everyone the new video that came out and tell them about it.