Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Chickasha, Oklahoma- Week 70

So the temperature is starting to get colder outside, on Saturday is at 27, and windy, so that was fun. :) This week was cold, but it was really good too, lots of work to do in Chickasha. Tuesday at the museum, fun as always, and so we got another box of stuff to sort through, and at the bottom of the bag, there was this little wooden box and all we would read from the label with out opening it was (a long name I can't remember) and Biological laboratory, so we open it naturally :) and there is a vial of stuff it it, and a syringe, so Pat, the director looks it up, to see if it was safe, all it was, was a vaccine for strep throat, so that's good. But the museum has found some interesting things as they go through stuff. Pat told us one time, they were opening up "empty" ammo canisters from WW2... well some weren't empty, so they had to call the bomb squad to take care of it, and while they were there, their radiation detectors went off, turns out the Uranium exhibit that they were assured was safe, wasn't so safe. So they had to close that one down, hahaha. I love museums! :) This week at the Museum we are helping with a big model train set! That should be fun. Chickasha lights are on! I got to see them last year and it's cool that I'm here now this time. :) We had stake conference this Sunday and that was really good, lots of good talks from everyone, even President and Sister Walkenhoarst spoke. This week is going to be fun, Thanksgiving! And we have district meeting in Pauls Valley on Friday, so I don't have to prepare a training this week! And there is going to be a new Christmas initiative called, A Savior is Born, can't wait for that! The weather today isn't that bad, its warming up till thanksgiving, then 40`s as high, and freezing rain.... so I'm trying to think of how to get into our area if the roads are iced over, so cars are grounded, and I really don't want to fall off my bike in the ice, and we live 3 miles away from our area, so should be interesting, I will let you know how it goes. :) So with Thanksgiving coming up, here are a few scriptures I am grateful for- 
Moroni 9:3-5
3rd Nephi 5:13
Alma 7:11-14
I could probably go on forever! I have so many because the Book of Mormon applies to everyone, no matter what they are going through or questions that they have, it is a blessing to all that will read it.
I am thankful for the wonderful opportunity I have to be on a mission, and share this message with people that will help them forever! :)