Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Del City, Oklahoma- Week 74

Hey! Merry Christmas!
This was a really fun week, so on Monday we went to the zoo! We got to see a lot of animals there, it was really cool and of course I had to take a lot of pictures of everything, we got to see most of the animals there, so we had a good time with that. I still knew a lot about most of the animals there, so I could name most of the animals. We were able to see a few people this week and have some good lessons with them. On Wednesday, we get to help out at the food bank, that is always fun to do. We were able to get a lot done there. On Thursday, we had our Christmas conference in the city, that was good as always, so that took up the whole day.  On Saturday, it was really fun!! Our district went up to Choctaw to help one of their investigators with one of his pigs that he was going to kill that morning, so we all went up there and helped him skin it and butcher it, I thought it was something different, so I know know how to butcher a pig, I was thinking, this could be like the following, hahaha ;) Sunday was good too, they had a little Christmas program, sang a lot of songs, it was nice, we have been pretty busy this week, and then it is going to be Christmas!!!!!!


Saw this on a garage door :)