Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Del City, Oklahoma- Week 75

Sorry I wasn't on yesterday, there was snow and ice, and the cars were grounded, and the library was closed, so It has been pretty cold outside, but I have been staying warm! since I got to talk to you on Skype on Christmas, that was most of the week. Since then, after Christmas is when the winter storm started, so it was snowing and raining and everything in between, I guess that is Oklahoma, combine everything in one. So we saw everyone we could that was in walking distance, then after that, it was a lot of staying inside the apartment, it is really boring staying inside all day, luckily today everything is unthawing... sort of, but good enough to be on a bike. Things are sort of warming up. Instead of 29-32, its 32-34, but that's the high, so stuff melts a little and then freezes again at night, but the roads and walkways aren't icy anymore, so that's good! Love you all!