Wednesday, August 6, 2014

CCM- Week 2

Hey Guys,

It's finally Wednesday again! I met an Elder Santana on Thursday! He took some pictures of us, but he hasn't sent them to me yet, he is going to Alaska. Elder Seggmiller told me about a book that I have to get called "How to Create a Mind". We have been having lots of fun with the Latinos this week. We keep saying to them "donde esta frijole". where have you bean, where have you been, and they get very confused, its so funny. They don't get it... We have gotten some pretty big storms here, it even hailed once, that was fun to see. We had a stress management class a few days ago, I never get stressed, so it was very boring. I was asked if I get stressed, I just said, "not really". On Saturday, the elders in our district had a conversation about guns and explosives, it was a really fun conversation. Elder Aguliar moved out of the apartment and into a house on Sunday, it was very sad for us all. He is so much fun to have around and we always have the strangest conversations. He was telling us that he wants to be black so he can play basketball better! During lunch with him, he took a picture of all of us and said that it looked like the last supper because he is leaving on his mission Tuesday. He said Elder Eisenhut was his disciple and that one day he could be the master, it was really funny! He also said that Eisenhut would be The Pope, we were all confused by that one. At dinner Aguilar was asking us what "holy crap" was, so Elder Baum told him what crap was. Then a little while later, Elder Eisenhut gets some peanut butter, and apparently Aguilar has never seen peanut butter before, so as soon as he saw it he said sort of loudly, "What the (heck) is that! Is that holy crap?!" Were have never laughed so hard before, I don't know where he is getting these phrases from but he uses them correctly without knowing what he is saying. The Spanish is slowly getting better, and I think the teaching is going better also. I showed everyone how small I can write and they where all amazed. Yesterday, we got new Latino roommates and thoroughly confused them by greeting them with "Aloha"! Elder Nasimeinto and Elder Alvo. Nasimeinto is from Brazil and Alvo is from Mexico; neither of them speak English, so it's a good way to learn more. I'm doing good, been getting stomach aches, but they are getting better. I like all the pictures from you guys, and Lu, you can do a sport! Did you get Cates to sign my yearbook yet? How's school going for you all? and here are the pictures!

Aidan's Parrots

The District  
A Statue that I Found Last Week

This weeks Picture with the Statue in the Background!

More of the District

Is that the Nimbus 2000?!? You're a wizard José.

Mexico City Temple

District day at the Temple

The Crew- Me, Elder Baum, and Elder Eisenhut

More Temple Pictures

Got Bananas!

Check out those prices!

City View