Wednesday, August 20, 2014

CCM- Week 4

I think that this was a pretty good week, no one is sick for once so that's good, and Spanish is improving. Tortilla tally is 8. Wednesday night we had a giant mosquito in our classroom and we could not kill it! By the end we were chasing the thing around the classroom with our grammar books trying to hit it out of the air. Once in a while we would hit it, it would fall to the floor, and then get back up again. In total I think it survived 3-4 hits from a book and 2 attempts to step on it. It was pretty funny. The Cheetos are really good here, they taste like real cheese and are a little spicy. On Wednesdays we get new people and it's fun to find them and speak Spanish to them; one group stared at us and just said si. We fasted one day to help our district and our Spanish, it went well and I think everyone learned a lot that day. We also took more pictures with the Latinos, they are so much fun to hangout with. Friday was the best day ever! During breakfast I was in line for food with Elder McCall by the kitchen door when we heard music playing in the kitchen. They were playing Scorpions, No One Like You, so we just stood by the door for a while listening to it, it was awesome! I miss music. Elder Alva was showing me some pictures of drawings he took by the Ancient Mayans, they depicted Lehi and his family arriving in the Americas and according to the drawing, they brought a lot of turtles with them. It was really cool. The days are going by so fast! Teaching lessons are getting better everyday. Saturday was a crazy night, we are all working on the computers and we can hear a lot of music from the parties going on around us. And then the fireworks started, they were so loud and close to us that we could feel it. It is because of that, everyone has a joke here that we are in the Hunger Games. Because the fireworks sound just like the cannon and we are surrounded by a giant wall. Also that night, someone clicked on a news app, so we were able to see what was going on in the world. Wow, you leave for a month and the world very different, riots and a state of emergency in Ferguson, lots about ISIS and Iraq, something about Yazidis and a helicopter crash, Robin Williams, and Ebola, so that was interesting. Sundays are one of me favorite days. We have no lessons to teach and its a more relaxing day. We were able to watch a movie about Joseph Smith. Lunch was awesome, we had BBQ! It was so good. Huge storm that night, very heavy rain and lots of lightning. It was our Latinos last day :( so we were hanging out with them most of the day and we took lots of pictures with them, we are all going to miss them. We said we will all email each other. Elder Alva gave me a watch that he had and said all it needed was batteries, so i can remember him. He is such a awesome guy and a great friend, good luck on your mission, I know you will be a great missionary. Bueno suerte mi amigos. They were still here the next day so we got to say goodbye before they left, it was lonely without them that night. Our lessons are going really well, even my teacher Hermano Castillano said my Spanish has greatly improved. Later that day, the entire CCM inside and outside smelled really bad, we never knew why. Luckily, it rained hard and washed away the smell. The lightning was really cool to watch. I got mail today! Donuts! thank you! On Tuesday we got new Latinos, one of them had a really shiny suit, so we call him shiny suit. We also got the water service project again, so I has in the van stacking all the water jugs, when I was done my district was gone. So I finally found them later in the gym stacking chairs, so I told them, "You know I wasn't with any of you for the last half hour right?" They were like "really?" thanks guys... its all good though. We are now the oldest district! Can't wait to go back to the states. my leg is feeling a lot better, and that's funny about Mr. Karimi thinking that Aidan looked like me, I love all the pictures. how has the weather been in Arizona?

We are going to miss you guys!

Mexican Cheetos, which are the best things ever!

First, that is a pretty cool picture, second, thank you Elder Alva for helping us with our Spanish and making us laugh at night, you are going to be a amazing missionary.

Our Laundry Room