Wednesday, August 13, 2014

CCM- Week 3

I have been getting the letters and packages from you, I love them it always makes my day, thank you. All the Elders in my district are jealous! :) I miss you guys, good luck on all the running. My stomach is all better now, but I hurt my leg doing something, so I'm taking it easy right now (it's fine when im walking, but I'm not running for a while till it feels better). Our Latino Elders, Elder Nasiemento and Elder Alva are both awesome! They are soo much fun to have around, we all learn so much from talking to them. Elder Nasiemento only speaks portuguese, but luckily Spanish is close enough to where we can understand each other for the most part. The Latinos are really funny, one night we decided to teach them pick up lines in English and wrote them down on a piece of paper. Now I think all the Latinos in our apartment building want it! I don't know what they are going to do with it because it is in English, but occasionally one of them will come to our apartment to ask for it and then run off. In our bathroom when you flush the toilet the water in the shower gets really hot, so yesterday while I was in the shower, Elder Nasiemento thought it would be really funny to keep flushing the toilet, I stopped thinking it was funny after the 1st time he did it. It's all good though because he took a shower the next morning so I decided to flush the toilet a few times also. :) Elder Alva and I had a long conversation one night that XBOX is better then Playstation, and our favorite video games: Call of Duty, Assassins Creed, Halo... We can't wait for Halo 5, and are sad that we are going to miss Star Wars 7. Our lessons with our fake investigators are going really well, some lessons go better than others but everytime we do one, we get better. We have three investigators a week now, so lots of practice. After class one day we had a Spanish rap battle, it was pretty good. Elder Eisenhut got sick again, so we walk into the classroom and Elder Baum wrote on the whiteboard, "Elder Eisenhut is dead so Elder Baum needs a new companion (we are at the apartment)". And it was the start of the new plague that is going around here, so we can't shake hands anymore and we wash our hands constantly. And guess who went to the hospital again? Elder Eisenhut, poor guy. But I think he is the current record holder here for the most hospital trips! We had President Pratts granddaughter in our district this week, so after she left, the Pratt's invited our district over to their house for brownies to thank us for letting her be part of our district of a week, it was really nice. On Sunday night we got to see the moon rise over the mountains, we could actually see the moon move. Somehow we started talking about worlds without measure and that there should be temples on the moon, mars,.. and we decided that "Temple on the Sun" sounded like a cool band name. The days are long, but the weeks are short, it only really makes sense if your here. Everything I think is getting better, we have been having some problems as a district but its all better now. Everyday we try to get my companion, Elder Schwartz to lift weights, so far we all have been unsuccessful. So it was really funny on Tuesday because every Tuesday we have a service project. This one was restocking the water jugs in all the buildings here. We are all loading these water jugs into this big van, and so even Schwartz had to lift them so we were all excited because that is the first time we have seen him lift anything, Go Elder Schwartz! It only took about 30 min, so after that, we got more time to play volleyball. I never got the pictures from the other Elder Santana, and I met another one last week but could not find him today to take a picture with him. :( My Spanish is improving everyday, I have not needed to use the dry cleaners yet, and I got a haircut today! I think it looks good, but it hurt to get it, they are not gentle here, I survived though. I love the daily notes from you, I look at them everyday. The weather here is nice, we usually get a weekly big storm, it's cool to see all the lightning and hear the thunder. Hows the weather in Arizona? When we were doing the wash this morning some worker came in and told us that they were turning the water off and don't know when it's going to be turned back on, so it was a mad rush to get everything done water related for today. We love the time when we are doing laundry, they got new couches for the laundry room and they are very comfortable! We think we are all going slowly insane though, today we had a conversation about how graceful dress shirts look when they are going through the dryer, it was pretty funny. We sing the song "Called to Serve" at least once a day here, so I think everyone has it memorized by now. I can't believe that we are half way through the MTC, the time went by so fast , how was it for you?
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I got a haircut today!