Wednesday, August 27, 2014

CCM- Week 5

It's crazy, the last week at the CCM. We took our district picture on Tuesday. I'm a little nervous about leaving, but I can't wait also. Back to the States! I don't know about calling home, I think we can but I'm not sure. And that is cool about choosing companions. It will be nice going back to the States, I wonder if the food there is going to taste different now. That's impressive about the marathon in 6 months. My leg is all better now, I played soccer today, it's fun but tiring. It was Cannon, Stevens, Steggmiller, McCall, and I and as we were playing some people started filming us and said we would be on TV, so that's really cool, I have to find more about that. That's funny about Aidan being little Cole, and thank you for the video game news A. I am still emailing with the Latinos, they are going good. and wow I guess I am popular with my blog, thats awesome. You have to send me a picture of my mussionary plaque. My spanish has definately improved, and full conversations? pretty much, and it depends on what it is about, still learning everyday. And don't worry I will use my common sense, you know me, always cautious. When ever I look at the weather in Arizona, it is always stormy. We got a big storm this week that flooded the streets, it was crazy. That's funny about crush, he rams the door? Just wait till he gets bigger, than he will knock down the door. Glad to see everyone is doing good, and that's funny about the seniors working at the school now. I miss you guys, good luck with school, and lu, do you wish now that you kept my school notes? good luck with your thesis. And what is with papa getting stung with scorpions? I got your letter with the copy of the email and my package, the cookies are really good. During lunch, Elder Seggmiller and I were confusing everyone again, we were talking about chemisty and other scientific things, it was really fun. Everyone was like, we don't understand what you two are talking about, can we please talk about something dumber? There was a girl a few days ago who shoved a piece of bread in the toaster and could not get it out so she decided to use a fork to get it out, when she started doing it, we were all like nooooo! Nothing happened, so that was good. You would think that people would know not to do that sort of thing. Elder Baum has his nightly argument with a yappy dog outside the wall, its funny to listen to, he goes at it for at least a few minutes. We have a made new games to play in the class room, we use the caps of the water jugs. We tried to see how many times we could bounce it off our foot without it touching the ground. I have the record at 4 times. Then we also had to kick the cap off the ground and kick it through the window, I won that one too, what a fun game. :) Our lessons are improving, I can see how far I have come. It is getting easier to understand others, even when others can't. I may not be the loudest, strongest, or best when it comes to teaching others, but saying the right thing at the right time is just as powerful. I made some riddles and posted them on a board, it's gotten popular in our classroom building, and as far as I know, no one has solved it all the way yet. So on Sunday, I finally had to give a talk, it was on the Holy Ghost, I thought it went ok, a little shorter than the others, but I did it. I have been playing alot of vollyball and soccer. It has been fun. They have some pretty good things at the tienda, one of my favorites has been this icecream. the top of it is icecream covered in chocolate and nuts and the bottom of it is a icecream sandwich, with is how you hold it, it is really good. This is our last P-day here! The CCM has been really fun, and the next email will be from Oklahoma!  
And I forgot, we have found out that our spanish level is around a 7 year old, some poeple brought their kids on sunday for church here and we could actually understand them. Elder Aguilar says that we speak better then some of the drunk people he has met, so yeah!

Progress on the Guard Towers here

Matt. 17:20

Some of the riddles I put on the board

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