Monday, September 1, 2014

CCM- Week 6

I know it's Saturday, but it's my last day!!! And I don't have much time for computer today. And yes I will be calling from the airport in Dallas :). Oklahoma! I'm so excited, 6 weeks went by so fast. People have finally figured out my riddles! We had lots of meetings on Friday, the whole day. It was a little boring at times, but there was some good lessons. The power has been going out a lot lately, at times it is pretty cool. One of the nights, the power went out and so everyone got out flashlights and were trading ties, it was really cool. We are walking around and we go past some people and they say, "3rd floor room 305" so we go up to there, and there is about 20 people in the room all trading ties, it is the like the black-market of ties at the CCM. I am getting really good at sewing now, I fix peoples things. So far I have fixed 4 ties and 2 shirts. The mosquitos are getting annoying, they are really liking my left arm for some reason but it's finally feeling better. I think I'm allergic to them just like Elle. Bug spray is good to have. We have been taking a lot of pictures and having so much fun the past few days, we are almost out of here!! I have everything packed and tickets printed, they have scales to weigh things here so that's good, I think I'm all ready, sorry for the shorter email, but not much happened this week and I do have a shorter time to use the computer today. Love you guys, and the next time I will be in the US!
Oh and we have been playing lots of volleyball, it was the Latinos vs the Americans, I got to be included in the Latino side, I have been accepted as one of their own :) We won, 7-6 it was a really awesome game.
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