Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Clinton,Oklahoma- Week 7

Okay, so first, my companion is Elder Jolley! (sound familiar?) It's like I never left Arizona, and he is awesome! My address is 711 S. 20th. APT 22, Clinton OK. So yeah, I'm in Clinton, it's a small town, so small that we don't get a car, so we are biking everywhere. I hate hills and biking in the rain. Thankfully that was only once even if it did ruin one of my short sleeve shirts; the mud here does not come out. And that is crazy about the rain in Arizona! How deep is that? You guys are soo lucky about school being canceled, of course it happens when I'm gone. And that show "Forever", sounds awesome. and Blacklist, its almost back! :) Customs and all that went fine, no problems there. Oklahoma for the first few days was really hot and humid, but the weather has gotten a lot nicer here so I'm liking it now. We probably have 3 Spanish lessons a week, so most is English, but I'm still practicing my Spanish. I was asleep for most of the plane ride here, we were all so tired. Our apartment is okay, it's old though. Missionaries have been living here since the 90's so there are parts that could be better, but it's home. And we are trying to make it look better a little everyday. So the bike riding here- it gets hard if you are riding against the wind, but I'm getting better. So far I say that a backpack is better then a side-bag, I feel lopsided while riding a bike at times. We are so busy here, and I guess that is a good thing, but I'm still trying to organize all my stuff. There is a place here called Braum, it's a hamburger and ice cream place, it's really popular here! I think the members have taken us there 3 times this week, and it's pretty good. That's what I like about here, everyone is so nice and willing to talk about God with you, even if they don't want to here our message. It's still a little strange to me, but normal here. We go around and ask random people if they want to say a prayer with us, and most of the time they say yes, so that's really cool. Our area is great, we have a lot of investigators that we meet with, and one of them is getting baptized on Saturday! The Missionaries here are great too, and me and Hermana Haddock (we were in the same district at the CCM) are in the same district here too, so its nice to see a familiar face once in a while. So I have Elder Jolley (my Dad) and Elder Gardner (Elder Jolley's Dad,- my Grandpa). So I'm their son and grandson, and that's what we call each other sometimes. We had our first Sunday here and it was cool, Elder Jolley was translating today, so I'm trying to practice so someday I can translate for church too. It's cool to find new investigators, and most of them are pretty cool. So on Monday we had mission tour which is a meeting for most of the OK missionaries, they talked a lot about working with members in the wards and sadly, no talk about i-pads yet, we all really want i-pads here, it would really make everything easier. So I'm glad it's p-day, we have a little break from our week so that's good. I like when we teach our investigators, it's a lot harder than in the CCM, but I have learned a lot more here! I'm still trying to get better at taking to people on the street, it's going slow. So everything is going well and I'm loving it here. How has everyone been? And I'm still jealous of all that rain, I wish I could have been there to see it, and no school, really? Hope everyone is doing well.
We saw this rainbow on our last day of the CCM, its a sign! 

Elder Gardner (Grandpa), Elder Jolley (Dad) and Me

Elder Jolley and I

The Oklahoma Sky