Monday, September 22, 2014

Clinton,Oklahoma- Week 9


The week was so crazy, so much to do, we are so busy with everything. Lots of lessons. Last week, we had zone p-day, so everyone went to the city and we had a big game of dodge ball, it was so much fun. We were all sore after that, but it was worth it. After that we went to a place called Which Wich, it is a really good sandwich place. It was a fun day, but we got back really late. Last week I was telling you about the one woman and her fiancé, and how we talked to them. Well, her fiancé the last time we talked to him, wasn't sure about God, why he would do this to us.... things like that. But he was also willing to give everything a chance and change his ways. So, this week we go over there again, and the first thing we notice is him. All I can say is wow, he was a totally different person, you could see it just by looking at him. We could see that he honestly wanted to change and was doing that, one week and he was a different person. That is definitely a huge blessing of the spirit in someone's life. He is one of our best investigators now and we look forward to whenever we can teach him. One of the first things he said to us was "I felt like someone turned on a light in my head and I can see now". He is definitely a light and strengthens everyone around him, it has strengthened my testimony about what we are doing. We met another kid with week, and it turns out they he knows the couple and are good friends. They talk to him about how great the church is. It is because of  them, that this kid will really learn and grow in the gospel. It's soo cool to see how everything connects. And add 10 to the tortilla tally, I have been forgetting about that for the past few weeks. I love the lessons with our investigators and members, everything is going pretty good, and I got the cookies! They are soo good! Thursday was a funny day, we had dinner with some members and after that we had to go straight to a lesson with a Spanish family. So dinner was good and we leave to go back to our apartment to get picked up by another member who was going with us and he only spoke Spanish, but he couldn't find the apartment so we were trying to tell him where we were in Spanish which was really hard to do and he spoke really fast, so we ended up finding this guy who also only spoke Spanish on the side of the road and told him to talk to the guy on the phone to tell him where we were. It was all funny and with the help of that guy, he found us. So we get to the house and it turns out they made dinner for us too without telling us, so Elder Jolley and I were like great, we literally just ate, now we have to eat again to be nice, so we did... so full! We had a interesting lesson, they didn't quite agree with what we taught, but it was okay. On Friday we went on splits with the district leaders, so I went to Elk City for the weekend with Elder Scofield. It was nice up there, not that busy, but we had a car so that was better. Up there, I finally meet the drunk crazy, it was different... luckily there was an older guy who was sober; he was pretty cool, and so nice too. We left the others inside and just talked with him outside. He apologized for the others, he found them a while ago and gave them place to live and checks on them once in a while. It was really cool that we were able to meet him, and seemed interested to hear our message. The this week in science page is really cool, science rules! In Clinton, there is just Elder Jolley. That's funny about Elder Jolley and Elder Naeta's story, being spied on, hahaha. The food at the members houses is really good.
Did you see the pictures from last week? First baptism! She is awesome, she went to church for 5 months before she stated taking lessons so everyone thought she was a member. Then after another person was baptized, she went up to the missionaries and asked them to teach her. She really wants to go to the temple. She said to them the first lesson when they asked he what she wanted, "I want to go to the temple1 I don't know what they do in there, but I want to do it". She is amazing!
We went to a birthday party a investigator was having at a skating place.

I have not found any caterpillars yet, but I found a butterfly.

outside the skating place, we were in the parking lot and looking for it because it didn't really look like one from the outside. 

Elder Scofield and I with our jackets.

Elder Scofield during our intense chess game.