Monday, September 15, 2014

Clinton,Oklahoma- Week 8


This week was a little harder, but a really amazing week as well. We are teaching a lot of people and most of them are very receptive to the lesson. I think the funniest one was when we were teaching at this one house and talking about the Plan of Salvation and for their son (who I think is around 11), I explained the Plan of Salvation through Minecraft. Yes I said Minecraft... and it actually worked out pretty well, he loved it. I knew that video games would help on a mission. And after that, they were asking us if we watched Doctor Who, Elder Jolley had never heard of it, but I have! So we talked about that, who was our favorite Doctor, Companion, episode... it was fun, and so the new season started recently so, you guys need to write that down on my things to watch when I get back. One day we had a person stop us while we were riding our bikes and tried to sell us this all purpose cleaner, she really wouldn't take no for a answer. We were trying to explain to her that we don't have any money on us- so her answer was, "so you want one?" Eventually we got away. We have been getting some cooler weather recently, and the mission rule about weather is that if it gets below 60, we have to wear suits, so for 2 days we had to wear suits all day. But that is a lot better than riding when it is hot and humid. Best thing this week- one of our investigators got baptized! And I was able to give a talk on the Holy Ghost, it was amazing and I am so glad we got to be apart of it- definitely something that I will remember! It was funny that morning, some other elders were going to pick us up in the morning so Elder Jolley and I were in another room studying while we were waiting for them. Then Elder Jolley goes out of the room, and the next thing I hear is," How did you get out here, wait what?" The other Elders picked our lock and were already in the apartment, and Elder Jolley thought that I was one of them, so he was wondering how I got out of the other room with out him seeing, it was funny. We had lots of dinners with members with week, everyone is so nice here, but I still question everyone's sanity at times. Also, people here really like guns, and want to show us all the guns they have. I'm not complaining about that, it's pretty cool. I think here in just these two weeks, I have handled more guns than in my entire life, because with them, its "Here are my guns, now you have to hold each of them!" Like I said, nicest people in the world, but different at times. There is a older couple here and they feed the missionaries every Sunday for lunch. They have been doing it for 31 years! It's awesome, they tell us about all the missionaries that they have had over the years and remember them all! They are awesome. Last Tuesday, Elder Jolley and I were in the church emailing, when this woman came in crying and looking for the Bishop, so we talked to her for a bit to see what's going on. Turns out that she was a less active that we didn't know about, needed help with rent, and just needed help in general. So we got her Bishop's number and she told us to come over that night and teach her and her fiancé. So we go over and she really wants to get back to church and her fiancé just flat out told us that he wants and needs God in his life, and will listen to our message. It was soo cool, I know that it was a miracle that she came into the church and we happened to be the only ones there at the time, and that we were able to help her. This is a really small town and there are not many members here, most are from Weatherford. I got your package and love everything! Thank you! So I haven't been to the temple yet, and I don't know when will be the next time, it might be a while. And in Clinton, we don't have that many opportunities to speak Spanish, maybe 3 lessons a week, but we do have a language study most mornings and Elder Jolley helps me with that. The food is pretty good here and that is so funny about Elder Naeta trying chocolate milk for the first time. And ok Lu, with the number riddle I think I got two of the three letter words messed up, but just use the books, if you knew the stories, you would know the answer. And with that, I'm asking where does it say to go? and A! how's Titan Fall going? Anything new on BudK? And that sounds awesome about the App, what are your ideas on it so far, and how are you making it? I can't wait till you finish it, I want to get it. And I love the spices and snacks. 
I haven't had any tortillas here yet and of course they played Back in Black with Reddinton, they are both awesome! I love the senior quote, what book is that from? And I love the video game news. You guys are the best, thank you for everything and I love the meanwhile in phoenix picture.
First Baptism! Me, Elder Jolley, and Melody

I love my fish tie!

Our Apartment

Tie Buddies that we made- They go behind the tie and keep it in place.

This is my planner Elder Jolly made for me, he likes Texas