Monday, October 27, 2014

Clinton,Oklahoma- Week 14

Last Monday was pretty fun, we went to thrift shops to look around and had some pretty cool stuff there, got some cool ties and a got a awesome hat (it's my Indiana Jones hat! It's really funny how I got it. We went to this really nice store that just sold suits and other nice things (lots of money), when I see that hat and I'm like yes! I look at the price, $9.00, double yes! cheapest thing in the store and i found it! :) ) Tortilla tally is 3 for this week and then played football and soccer the rest of the day so it was a good day. This has been a really good week, lots of success with investigators. Clinton is the best place ever! We are meeting with a lot of people and we went on exchanges with Elk City over the weekend so that was fun to do. We had some awesome lessons this week and talked to this one guy who we are now going to teach more on Tuesday so I'm excited about that. Saturday was a really busy day, we had a really long lesson with one of our investigators named Emerson. We go up to his house and he is outside with a few friends over. We ask him if he wants us to come back later and he says "No, you guys are cool, come and tell us the word for today" and he made his friends listen to us too, it was cool. He likes us coming over. So we had a good lesson about the Plan of Salvation and after the lesson we are going to get up when he says "Can I ask you another question?" sure! He asks us if we could stay for another 30min so we could read the Book of Mormon with him, Yes! So we read with him, so he is pretty awesome. Saturday night, the ward had a game night! Lots of food and games, it was a really fun night and lots of people came. The best and craziest day was Sunday though, there was soo many people at church. We have been really trying to invite investigators, and less active members to church and it paid off. We had 7 of our investigators at church and lots of less actives and recent converts; there were no more parking spots in the parking lot and so people were just parking anywhere they could and the overflow area in the building was almost filled. People were telling us that they have never seen so many people at church before! So we were very busy after church with talking to everyone. I'm also thinking about making a few halloween decorations, because halloween is the best! First holiday out on a mission! On Halloween im wearing my brown or maybe black pants, my halloween tie and some glow in the dark glasses I got. It's going to be good! Oh and Ashley and Marty are awesome, hopefully married and baptized on the 8th! Love you guys!

My New Hat!

Love my box!

Texus and I

My Halloween Tie!