Monday, October 20, 2014

Clinton,Oklahoma- Week 13

I got the package! I love everything and the Halloween tie! :) tortilla tally is 2. This week felt really long, and not the best in terms of injuries( I'm fine now). So many miracles too, that made everything ok. So first, last week I stepped on a nail while doing a service project, it's ok now, and this week I got bit by a dog. TRUST ME, IT WAS NOT THAT BAD AND I AM TOTALLY FINE, we called the mission nurse, and the owner of the dog, the dog had all its shots so everything is all good. I just have a big rip in my pants. We called our Ashley and Marty (the one who came to the church looking for help and her boyfriend) to tell them we might have to cancel our meeting with them because of what had happened and they drove immediately to our place to make sure I was ok. They are soo awesome! They are like our "parents" and they drove us around so we could get some stuff for the bite and drove us to the place where the dog was so we could talk to the owner. We are taken care of here so there is nothing to worry about. Back to the miracles this week- first, we went to this one neighborhood and were able to talk to this family outside and have a lesson, they really liked it and wanted to be baptized. One of them is a bull rider, he is really cool. Next, we found a Vietnam vet and he carves stone sculptures, he is really good. He wasn't interested at first, but as we were talking he let us teach him and likes the message about how it can bring peace and calmness into our lives. That is something he has been trying to find ever since he got out of the military. I also met this guy who looks like "The Rock", he is cool! Taught him and he accepted the message, then asked him if he wanted to be baptized and he said, "well if this is true ok course I would", said he would pray and read the Book of Mormon! Last miracle for the week, on Sunday we had three people that we have never seen before and they didn't know one another, walk into our church and said to us, "we are not members but we have seen you on your bikes and felt that we needed to go to your church". It was soo cool! Highlight of the week! Marty is still so much fun to meet with, because every time we meet with him, he is always coming closer to Christ. We fasted with them, and huge miracles came from it. No more smoking and their landlord called them and asked them if they wanted a bigger house, Yes!! and he will clean it all up for them and mow the lawn, job opportunities, and got a phone call that it was a price that they can easily afford. God takes care of us for sure. My thinking has changed a little I think, I can see more of the gospel in everyone's lives and blessing that come from receiving it. We had exchanges with the zone leaders this week because Elder Jolley is now District leader. Elder Meimet and Elder Whitehead are awesome and we had a pretty fun day with them. Then we got to have dinner at  the bishops house, it was really good food. It's almost Halloween! that's crazy, how is everyone doing? and good luck with all the school stuff! Love and miss you guys! Have a great week!
Our District

These are the pants the dog got

Elder Santana finally sent me the pictures from the MTC!

My Rocks!

I made myself a cool tie clip out of a horse shoe nail

My family history back to Adam!