Monday, October 13, 2014

Clinton,Oklahoma- Week 12

First of all, it's raining outside right now, and we had to bike in the rain to get to the church so yeah, our pants are pretty soaked right now. At least we have waterproof jackets that kept us warm. The tortilla tally is 4 for this week, and okay for transfers...... Elder Jolley and I are staying! And Elder Jolley is also now District Leader. Hermana Austin is transferring, so Hermana Haddock gets a new companion and Elder Scofield is going back to speak Marshallese so Elder Lyman also gets a new companion. It was a good week, last Monday we played volleyball and that was fun. Elder Scofield and Jolley got trapped on those spinning table things in the park, they got soo dizzy and it was spinning so fast that they couldn't get off. All we hear is them yelling," make it stop! make it stop!" and "I'm going to be sick!" it was soo funny to watch. Also during the volleyball game, I was collecting little clear rocks, so now I have a cup full of cool rocks on my desk. :) It's been raining since yesterday here so we are finally getting some rain and it's gotten a lot colder outside. I don't know why, but this week my allergies have just been horrible. I have tried dusting the apartment and I think that helped, but they really don't give us time to clean. I really wish that they did. My side is starting to get messy again and not much I can do about it. It is awesome meeting and talking to people here, huge miracles. Sadly we did not go to the wedding that was this Saturday. Elder Jolley kept having a feeling that we shouldn't go so we didn't. But the next day was actually a really good day. We got to talk to a family and they were interested in our message, so that was defiantly a miracle. They live in Weatherford so the sister missionaries up there will teach them, but his brother lives here and he was interested too so we will teach him. I think that was the highlight of the week.  Sorry if this email isn't as long as the others, I forgot my journal in the apartment and I really don't want to ride back through the rain to get it, so I'm going off memory and mine isn't always the best.
 Love and miss you all!
I got the Packages! thank you! I love everything!

If you go off one more time at 2:00am and there is not a thunderstorm outside, next time there is, you are going outside!

Thought this was really cool, got to go on Family History and checking out my tree and some of the lines go back really far

Pictures of the storm

It rained a little here!