Monday, January 12, 2015

Blanchard, Oklahoma- Week 25

This week was awesome!! Ok, so for p-day last Monday, we played flicker-ball, it was so much fun, and our whole zone played, so there was a lot of people, definitely one of the funniest p-days. Then we had a meeting where the zone leaders and the AP`s taught, we talked about key indicators and how we can use them better. Elder Lloyd, Elder Richardson, and I had to leave a little early to go teach a lesson, it was a really good lesson. :) On Tuesday, we had a lesson with a lady that sometimes bashes with us, she has gotten better about it, but just has a lot of questions. Well, we brought a member with us, wasn't really sure what was going to go down, because last time he came, it didn't go so well, but that's what Newcastle wanted to do. Both the member and the investigator are very passionate about their beliefs. We told him to behave, it started out ok, but toward the end, they started bashing, so our member gets up and puts his hand on the investigators shoulder, and said, "This is the true church, and these are the 17 points of the true church, study it." Well that was really the end of that lesson. It was funny. Finally got time to clean the apartment before transfers, so it looked a lot better. Transfers were huge! There was so many people in our zone, in most of the companionships, one person was changed. It's pretty crazy, but I think it will be good. Elder Mulitalo is my new companion. :) He is really cool, and he brought some guitars with him, so he taught me how to play a little, its fun. We had a good day, taught a lot. Thursday was awesome, we had a lesson set up for that night, so we go over and his wife has there too, also one of his friends and his wife, so we got to teach 4 people at once, and they all are interested :) miracle night! Friday was a long day, had our district meeting at 10:00, but had another meeting that doesn't usually happen at 9:00, so we were in Norman early. Then after the district meeting which ends at 12:00, had lunch, then Elder Llyod had some district leader meetings to go to, so since he is our ride, we were stuck at church. We got home at 5:30. So we thought, well we will go to see Jim the treasure hunter, but he wasn't home, so we were wondering if we should just go back to the apartment, but I felt that we needed to do something else here. So we walked around in that neighbourhood. Then we see that one of our potentials has his TV on, so we knock on his door, and he answered, so we got to talk to him for a while- miracle because usually we can never talk to him. We finally got to have a lesson with a guy named Calvin, we first knocked on his door, and no one answered, so we were standing on the sidewalk in front of his house thinking about what to do next, when he opens the door and lets us in! He told us that he didn't want to open the door and was talking to his wife about us, she told him, "Well didn't you tell them that you wanted to hear them?" So he thought about it, and told us that the spirit told him to open the door and let us in, soo cool! It was a great lesson, and we got another few appointments set up for him this week and next week. Elder Mulitalo hasn't been feeling the best, his allergies are messing with him, so he called the mission nurse, and she told us to try not to go outside to much, and limit how far we ride our bikes, so the work has gone down a little, but still doing all we can. I have been making a lot of phone calls to people. Almost 6 months, time sure goes by fast! Something I found cool, is to take a paperback Book of Mormon, and start at the beginning, as you go through it, have something you want to know or do, then mark where ever you find it in the book, its really cool, I have started that, got a lot out of it. Love you guys!
Elder Mulitalo and I