Monday, January 26, 2015

Blanchard, Oklahoma- Week 27

So on Thursday we did get a lot of snow but it was only in the morning, and melted by the afternoon:(that's Oklahoma weather for you). The work here is going great! On Monday we got to finally have a lesson with one of our investigators, she has been going to church for a while but we had a lesson on Monday and it went great! We have been finding some more people this week and have some lessons set up for next week, it is going great our here! That's crazy, I didn't even realize I have been out for 6 months, the time sure fly's by. This week the weather has been pretty nice, about 60's. It was pretty funny yesterday, we call a number called "Tell Me" on our phones for the weather, and I love when it talks about the wind- so yesterday we had "moderate gale force winds"... what does that even mean?! I guess that's better then "severe gale force winds"? hahahaha. After exchanges I had with Elder Lloyd we decided to go see one of their new investigators, he spoke Spanish but knew English too. So we went over there and we spoke Spanish to him, it was really funny, he thought that Elder Mulitalo was Latino, so when Mulitalo told him that he was from Samoa, he was very confused, "Where did you learn to speak Spanish?" "Mexico." "ok......." it was pretty great. Hope everyone is having a great week!   

Science! I've still got it!

Locked out of Newcastle's apartment, waiting for them to get back

When I took this picture I can't help but  think of the song "I see Fire"