Monday, January 5, 2015

Newcastle,Oklahoma- Week 24

Happy New Year! That is pretty crazy, its 2015! hahaha, I'm coming home next year. Well, if this year goes by as fast as the last one did, I'm going to be home pretty quick. I love the New Years stuff! thank you! This week has actually a pretty good week. Last Monday we had a member take us to some people to visit, so that was always nice to travel in a car and not bike or walk to a place. This week has been pretty cold. For New Years Eve, President said we could stay out till 10:30!!!!! so we went to a members house and played games till we had to go, it was really fun, 2015!!!!!! We went to go see some older members and they really liked that we came over to share a little message and to see how they were doing. Later that night we went to Lindsay, which is in the Blanchard mission area, but you can only get their by car, so that was the first time I went their. Had some really good lessons with some less active members there, we showed them a few Mormon Messages, and they loved them. On Friday and Saturday, Elder Richardson and I went to Purcell for exchanges with Elder Taggert. It was really good. The coolest lesson we had their was with Brother Hoffman, he is a recent convert and waiting to get the priesthood so he can baptize his family, so that's what the rest of the family is waiting for, it is so cool! They are all so ready. Michael, one of the boys and I think he is around 20, had a friend over so we got to teach him too. We gave him a Book of Mormon, and Michael said to us that he would call him later and find out if he read it and would pick him up to go to church, that was really cool to see! On Sunday we had some great miracles happen, this is about 7 at night, we go over to Earnest's house, he and his family are investigators, we knocked on the door, but he said that he wasn't really interested anymore, so that was a little sad, but here comes the good part :) we are walking around the area, when we see a woman near her car and we introduce ourselves to her, she said she was just about to leave, but that her husband was home and that we could talk to him. So we knock on the door and tell him that his wife said we could talk to him. He looked at the TV and said, well the game doesn't start for a while so sure. At first I don't know if he was interested, but as we talked more and more and taught him the restoration, he became interested. We gave him a Book of Mormon and he said he would read and pray about it. He really liked us coming over and told us, that he is not normally home at night, he is at work, but this happened to be a very rare night that he was actually home- huge miracle! The second thing happened in our apartment complex we were walking back and saw these two younger guys hanging out. We talked to them, they have seen us before, and they were asking about what we do, one guy was telling us about himself too- he recently got married and had a baby, he was originally in Texas for work and his wife lived in Oklahoma. But he said that one day, God told him to move to Oklahoma, so not really knowing why, he did. When he moved, he knew he made the right choice and that he should not go back to Texas. He was really interested in our message, because we talk about families and he loves his family. It is amazing how The Lord prepares people. It has been cold here like I said, woke up this morning and it was 16 degrees. Started to use the electric blanket, it is nice :) I'm doing good and loving the mission! I love you guys and miss you. see you next week and I will tell you how my new companion is! bye!!!!

Happy New Years!