Monday, January 19, 2015

Blanchard, Oklahoma- Week 26

This was a awesome week, lots of blessings. Last p-day, we played basketball and flicker ball again, is really fun! I like it when we play them. We had dinner with one of our investigators, they are showing a lot more interest again, so we are all really excited about that. I also made a new planner, I covered the outside of it with tin foil, so it looks pretty cool. On Tuesday, we had interviews with president, I talked to him about trying to get Blanchard a car, but that is probably not going to happen, the mission I guess is getting rid of some of their cars. Got to go on exchanges with the Zone Leaders, it was fun. Elder Ott came to Blanchard and I went with Elder Corbin. Elder Ott has a lot of nerf guns, so when we came back for the night, that's what I did for the rest of the night, we played with his nerf guns, it was really fun. :) We got to have another lesson with Bryce, him and everyone else is awesome! We go over there, and another friend of theirs came over to hear our message, and at the end of the lesson! She said, "I really wished now that I was here for the first lesson" it was cool :) and one of the people that was going to be there was sick and couldn't make it, so they were all telling us how he was really mad that he was missing out coming over. So they are one of my favorite people that we teach now. We have been still staying inside a lot more than usual because of Elder Mulitalo, but it's funny, even though we are not out as much, when we are, we have been teaching like crazy. And this should be another great week as well, lots of lessons already set up. On Sunday Elder Mulitalo sang in church for ward conference, it was so good! So we went to the church a few times that week so he could practice for it. While he was warming up, he sang some One Republic songs! :) so i liked that. Everyone loved it and was talking to him after church. I have gotten better at the guitar, I can play Pirates of the Caribbean now and a few other songs. The picture you got was our district, that was after a baptism that happen in Norman, we went to it and one lady said that she would take our picture and send it to our families, so I'm glad you got it. Hope everyone is having a great week. And I know Mom would like this- so yesterday night, I remembered that the libraries are going to be closed today, so I call Newcastle telling them we have to go to Norman so we can use the collage computers since they will be open. They text back and say "Don't have the miles to do it, we are going to do the emails on Tuesday" So then I thought "No! Everyone is going to be off of school tomorrow so I have to email them then" So I call the Zone Leaders and ask them for some miles to drive to Norman, they said they could give us some, so I call back Newcastle and said  "Ok, if we had 20 miles approved can we go to Norman?" and they said "Ya I guess." and I'm like "Great! We are going to Norman guys! The miles are already approved." Then called members to get a ride to Newcastle, so it was quite the adventure last night getting to here, but everything worked out and now I'm here! As Elder Mulitalo and I put it "we moved space and time itself to be here today" hahahaha Love you! Have a great week!
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