Monday, February 16, 2015

Blanchard, Oklahoma- Week 30

This week was a great week in Blanchard, we were walking around and I notice that at the Elams house, the camper is back! They got back from AZ a month early so we are so excited to start teaching them. They met with the missionaries 6 years ago in Arizona, then moved to Oklahoma before they were baptized, so that is so cool that we even found them. We also got to talk with some of our other investigators for about a hour and a half, and that was really good, getting to know them a lot better. After that, we start heading back to our place for dinner- we are at the far south end of town, and our place is all the way north- and Elder Multalos bike somehow got two flat tires.......... so........ 45 min. later, we finish walking back to our place. We did service at the library again, this time we peeled off stickers from books that they were selling, took a while, but it was different then what we have been doing so yeah. Ok, so Thursday night, was the best night ever! Newcastle Elders were going to spend the night with us, then we can all go to district meeting together and after that have exchanges, so we get back to our place before they get there, and I don't know if I told you that we found a lamp cover on the street, so we took it back to our place and it's our "crystal ball"... so ok back to the story, Elder Mulitalo and I dressed up- he is in this pale yellow suit that we got from a thrift shop, and wearing a Chinese medallion and a nerf gun tucked into his belt, and he is standing outside the door, and I wrapped my head up in a scarf and wearing a rainbow poncho also wearing my Chinese Medallion, and I'm in the back room, looking at the crystal ball and I have lights under it so its flashing lots of colors and we turned off all the lights in our place. So Newcastle pulls up and Elder Mulitalo leads them inside and to where I am, the whole time they were very confused, then when they saw me everyone started laughing! So on Friday me and Elder Lloyd went on exchanges it was fun, taught a few people. Then on Saturday we all went to Norman to go to some baptisms other missionaries where having, it was sooo cool to see. Also I'm moving to Wichita Falls, TX on Wednesday!


I left a surprise for Elder Mulitalo's new companion

Our crystal ball!