Monday, February 2, 2015

Blanchard, Oklahoma- Week 28

This was a good week, we didn't have enough miles to go to Norman last week so we spent our p-day in Blanchard and played basketball at the church, since this is a new month, we have enough miles for today so that's good. We almost had a lesson with this lady that was born in the dust bowl, but she wasn't feeling well that day so we said we would stop by next week, she seemed interested so we are excited about that. We had dinner with the Tanners, so that is always really good food. We are still meeting with the treasure hunter, and he is finally progressing, very slowly but progressing. We talked to him about the history of the Book of Mormon, and are going to watch the Testaments with him, we think he will like that. Every Wednesday we go to the library to do service, so that day we took apart a lot of Legos, if only they had us build with Legos, that would be so much fun! On Thursday we got to go to the temple!! I have never seen the Oklahoma City temple before so that was really cool. It is a smaller temple, but it was cool because since it wasn't very tall you can see the Angel Moroni better on the top. Then we had a lesson after with Bryce and all his friends, it was a really good lesson, we took a less active with us because he was younger and thought he could connect with them really well, it went great! Our member dropped us off at our place after the lesson, then went back to hang out with them some more! On Saturday, we went on a church exchange with one of our investigators, so we went to Life Church, it was different, more like a rock concert. They started out with Michael Jackson and confetti everywhere, it was fun. But he finally came with us on Sunday! and brought his nephew, and it turned out the nephew really liked going to our church! Have a great week!
Elder Guzman and I
 Elder Mulitalo and I at the Temple!