Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Del City, Oklahoma- Week 76

We had a good New Years, for most of the day we were busy trying to see people, then in the evening, we went to a members house for the rest of the night. We had fun, and played games, and watched Meet The Mormons. This week went by fast, on Tuesday we and a STM, a meeting with the whole zone there, it was at the building in Midwest City, so we didn't have to drive forever to get there like we normally do! So that was good. We haven't had anymore rain or snow, but it has still been cold outside. Service at the food bank is fun, we were pretty busy last time, people donated a lot of stuff, so we were trying to go through it all. One of our Zone Leaders, Elder Curay dislocated his knee a few days ago playing basketball, so he has a splint on his leg, we are wondering what is going on with our zone, first Sister Slack's elbow, and now a knee, he is doing better now though, so that is good. One thing that we have been trying to do is organize the ward lists that we have, so that it will be easier to see people, so we started seeing some of the people of the lists that we didn't know- so far it is turning out fairly well. For the most part, everyone was very nice, and said we could come back. I think I am speaking next week, so I get a little more time to practice now, so that is good. 
You know the storm is bad when no one is at Walmart!