Monday, March 28, 2016

Del City, Oklahoma- Week 79

The weather is starting to warm up again this week, but it has been really windy. We have continued our efforts of trying to see all the people on the ward list, it's going slowly, but we are doing it, and we are teaching a few of them again, so hopefully we can bring them back to church. So our week has been pretty good, lots of bike riding, and Sister Ballantyne's new companion is Sister Long, she just came out, so Sister Ballantyne is training. The sisters had a baptism on Saturday for Serenity, and I got to baptize her, so that is pretty cool! :) This week we get to have a zone temple trip on Wednesday, so I'm excited for that! And then on Friday, our ward is having a temple trip, so we get to go to that too!! So this week is going to be great! We also found out that sometime in February, one of the Apostles is coming to speak to the mission!! Another thing I have been working on this week in my free time is making bone pens, Elder Barton and I had ribs for dinner last week, and I thought hey, maybe I can make something out of the bones, so we cleaned them up and whitened them, and now turning them into pens, they look pretty cool :) 


Cool Moon