Sunday, March 13, 2016

Del City, Oklahoma- Week 77

It snowed this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It wasn't that much, but in the morning when it did, it looked pretty cool, it wasn't ice this time! :) This was a pretty good week. It has been pretty cold all week, so always wearing a suit and jacket now, good news with my knee, I told Sister Perry, the mission nurse about it, and apparently she is creating a list of missionaries who have those kinds of problems that would make biking harder for them, and so when president is doing transfers, he can look at that list to put those people in consideration, so I have a better chance to be in a car area now.  We have been continuing to find people on the ward lists that we don't know, and so far it is working out great! :) We have been able to find a few more people, and we are meeting them again next week! We had a cool lesson with a less active, we brought a member with us, and in the past we could never get her to church but in that lesson, the member we had out with us was awesome, he was very bold but she needed it, and while we were talking to her, even her mom- who is not a member- was trying to get her to go to church as well!! And then this Sunday, she came!!!!! We also had service at the food bank, fun as always. Been pretty busy this week running around to see different people. Had a good district meeting, and after I went to Choctaw for the day for exchanges, they went well, and then the next morning Elder Hatch and I went to the guys house who had the pig and we helped him turn it into sausage, that was fun, so after that then we exchanged back. This Sunday I gave my talk, and it went well, I needed to look up more, oh well, next time. But church was good.