Monday, March 14, 2016

Del City, Oklahoma- Week 78

So the library was closed yesterday, but I'm on now :) This was a pretty good week, first, Elder Barton and I are staying together so that is good, Sister Slack is leaving, and Sister Ballantyne is training. We have had a good week this week! So on Monday, that was really fun! We went to the bone museum here, it was really cool! They had some videos of how that did all that stuff, the largest thing they have there was a whale. We got a few new investigators this week! :) We are helping one of them stop smoking and so far it is going well, she told us that that ever since we gave her a Book of Mormon, every time she smokes, she feels sick so she has to put it out! We were able to set some baptismal dates with a few of our investigators, and 3 of them are siblings, so we had a lesson with to of them, then at the end of the lesson, their brother came in and joined them, and Elder Barton asked him how old he was, and he was above 8, so his brother looked at him and asked him if he wanted to be baptized, and he said yes! Then the brother picked a date to be baptized on too! It was really cool, easiest baptism invitation I have ever seen, wish they would happen like that more often! :) We had district meeting, that went well, next week there is going to be a broadcast, so I don't have to plan for next week, I get a break! Sunday was ward conference, and 3rd hour, Elder Barton and I got to teach the young men, we taught about the God Head, it turned out pretty well. At the beginning of the week it was cold, but is starting to warm up a little bit more, the weather is interesting. My knee hasn't been causing me too much trouble lately, I have also been taking it a little easier on it, so I bet that helps. 

Bone Museum!