Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Blanchard,Oklahoma- Week 21

So this week, I think was the longest one so far, a pretty crazy week. Monday, we played a lot of basketball with the rest of our zone, so that was really cool. Tuesday we walked around a lot, knocking of peoples doors, we did a entire neighborhood. I got a map of the area and where ever we go, I mark it on the map, and it is starting to get it filled up now, it is pretty cool. Wednesday was one of the best days! We had service at the library then we tried to find a investigator to go with us to the Chickasha lights, we called up three families we had, they all said probably, then throughout the day, they all dropped. Like a hour before we wanted to go, we found a person who wanted to go with us! So we got to go and see the lights, it was sooo cool, I took pictures of it. The investigator was a members girlfriend, his mom told us to follow them around, so it was really funny- us trying to sneak around watching them! So that was the highlight of the week. The next day was actually pretty good too. Brother Brooks took us to lunch and dinner. Brother Brooks is a senior missionary, he is so awesome, he reminds me us Gus from Night at the Museum, and looks like him too! We have gotten a lot of success with missionary work this week, all the hard work finding people is paying off. We found a family and they were really interested, and they already had a Book of Mormon, because a brother of theirs was investigating the church and gave them a copy and told them about it. So we are very excited  that we were able to meet them. Friday, lots of missionaries went to the OU campus and went line dancing, we had "He is the Gift" posters made, so some people held signs, and everyone else gave out cards, we gave out so many cards! So we hope that helped people. Then I got to go on exchanges with Elder Finnie, who finishes up his mission in 2 days, Elder Finnie is awesome, and we are sad that he is leaving, but happy for him too. Saturday is the day Elder Hoffman and I are still trying to figure out. Fun day, got to see a parade, pass out cards had good lessons. Then at 9:00, President Walkenhorst calls, so we are like great..... "hello? Hi congratulations Elder Hoffman, your going Zone leader in Mid West City, Elder Santana, you going into a trio in New Castle so you are now in charge of two areas, bye." Hoffman and I were like "What!!??? nooooooo!!" So Elder Hoffman is leaving :( but I have Elder Llyod and Richardson as a companion now, so that's cool. Interesting to see how all of this is going to work out. It was so funny, the next day we wake up and the first thing Elder Hoffman says is "Please tell me that last night was a bad dream"-"Sorry dude, your going zone leader":) yup, so that's the week. Love you guys! 
We saw this Monday, and we were like what is going on? Did something just explode? It was just steam from a power plant

I bought my self a christmas present :) cant wait till Christmas!!!

The moon was soo cool on Tuesday

Chicksha lights!

Matching Ties!

We saw some deer walk right in front of us, it was really cool.

Merry Christmas!