Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Blanchard,Oklahoma- Week 20

So this week was good, it did seem really long though. This week was a lot of tracking, us walking around and knocking on doors and sharing He is the Gift with people. We got a few more people to watch it with us, everyone loves it! We got to meet with Jim again, and he is still really cool. He has lots of stories. We got to do some service at the library near our house, we sanded down these wood blocks and then painted them, it was really fun. It has been really foggy here, it’s pretty cool to look at. It gets really dense though, then we can’t ride our bikes because it is not safe. So we did a lot of walking this week. Friday for district meeting, some elders had a birthday so we had a party for them, and someone brought a bunch of mustache stickers, so we were all wearing mustaches when they showed up, it was pretty funny. I went on a short exchange Friday and Saturday, and that was fun, cool to see a new area. Got lots of work done. For most of the week, it just was a lot of walking and tracking. Our ward had a Christmas party! There was lots of food there and it was good :) I really liked how they did everything, they also did the nativity scene at the end of the party. Did you all see the Christmas Devotional? It was great, and only the missionaries were at the church to see it, so we got the whole building to ourselves. Everyone else watched it at home I guess. And I forgot my journal again, so sorry this is shorter, I will remember it next week, had a little bit of a crazy morning trying to get to New Castle for p-day. I’m having an awesome time out here, it’s great to be able to teach people and the time is going by really fast. Love you guys!

I Love the Tree!

Our phone was breaking so we were going to get a new phone- so some poeple from the mission office came over to give us the new phone, and told us how sorry they were, and that they don't get to pick the phone, Sprint just sends them a new one, so this is what we got........

the lights from a volleyball court, they are really bright

Cool Tree

Lots of Fog