Monday, December 29, 2014

Newcastle,Oklahoma- Week 23

This week was pretty awesome :) so since there is a lot, I guess we will start with Monday. We had dinner with some members, and it's really cool where they live. You go on a country road for a while then you have to turn into a dense forest tunnel path thing, and travel on that, that is cool, then you get to their house in the middle of the forest. When we pulled up, there was 2 bucks and a few does just hanging out in front of the house, so I thought that was cool to see. We are teaching this guy named Nathan, he is awesome! In our first lesson, we taught the restoration, and told him about the Book of Mormon, he said, "Well that makes since, I have always thought there had to be more" He already had a Book of Mormon, and read it. So we asked him to pray after the lesson, to ask if what we taught was true. He did, was quiet for a while, then stood up, and said, "What you guys say is the truth" So cool! Taught him about the Plan of Salvation in a later lesson, he understands it all and wants to be baptized, just wants to figure out when. And I get a call from the AP's and they are telling me that Marc is getting baptized and wants me to be there, so I'm a little confused... Marc.... Marc..  Oh! Is he from Clinton? Yes. Awesome!!!!!! I knew he would get baptized, just didn't know when. So the baptism was great, it was cool seeing everyone again, it was nice to be back. And I got my camera cord back too. Christmas Eve was good, we had a big dinner that night at a members house. CHRISTMAS!!! We had breakfast at the Batey's, and we talked with them for a while, Brother Batey got a crossbow, and was telling us how he was going to go squirrel hunting now. Then lunch at the Brumlie's house, they are our investigators, so it was really nice of them to invite us over. And then most important part :) Skype! I get on the computer and all I hear is craziness :) I love you guys :) it was great hearing from you! And thank you for the presents, they were all great! But talking with you was the best gift. Remember how I was telling you about missionary apartments have a stuff closet? Well I went through New Castles stuff closet, and found a backpack but the zippers were broken, but I used to fix my school one all the time so I fixed it. Now I have a tracting backpack. It feels a lot better if we are walking a while, not as hard on your shoulders. I still use the side bag, but if I know we are walking a lot that day, I can use the backpack. I also have a new umbrella, my old one broke in Clinton R.I.P. Hahaha! When I get my new companion on the 7th, I will be going back to Blanchard, and I'm not quite sure if I'm considered a new missionary or not, maybe in-between. People will think I am older in the mission if a wear the backpack though, so that is funny, the newer missionary's have side bags- so might try to confuse them sometimes. Hope all of you are having a great week and Happy New Years! 2015, that's crazy, seems like just yesterday it turned 2014. Love you!