Monday, December 22, 2014

Newcastle,Oklahoma- Week 22

This week was crazy! On Monday we went over to a members house for dinner and for dessert we made fried Oreos, they were really good. We also had  a little party for the missionaries that have finished their mission and were leaving on Wednesday, that was really fun but it was sad to see them go. Tuesday we had our Christmas conference, that was all day, there were a few trainings, and at the end there was a talent show. I think the first and the last person was the best! The first missionary sang "Through Heavens Eyes" from The Prince of Egypt, and sounded just like the original singer, it was awesome. The last missionary brought his bagpipes, that sounded sooo cool. He was really good at playing them! So Wednesday was transfers :( Elder Hoffman is in Midwest City now, and Blanchard and Newcastle are combined. We are not really staying at one place, we switch off often depending on that we are doing that day, so that has been a little stressful. With all the moving I can't get into a pattern of doing things, and have some things at both places. I love being in the trio and we have seen lots of miracles, but it's the switching and moving around that I'm not liking, but it's only till the 7th so, it's quick at least. And we have a car since I'm with Newcastle, and it is nice to have at times, not that I have driven it yet. :) Friday morning was really funny, we are driving to district meeting, and there was a squirrel in the road, and Elder Llyod said "Look! A squirrel!" Then we feel a little bump under the car.... "Elder Llyod! You just ran over a Squirrel with The Lord's car!" "Am I going to be held accountable for that?" "Probably!" :) It was funny. We got to teach this old guy, his name is Ed, his is an 84 year old Korean war vet. Spent a while in ice caves near the north pole looking for Russians, and helped build Apollo 13, so this guy has done everything, he is soo cool!!! And he is interested in the gospel! Well, we were knocking doors on this one neighborhood, we knock on this door, and after we ring the door bell, I look around, and on his window there are some licence plates, veteran, purple heart, and on a table there is a sign that says leave packages on the table, there is a camera and a alarm sensor above us, and then I realize, great...... I know what door we just knocked on, so I was right. It was a older guy and he answers the door carrying a M14 with a bayonet on it. "Y'all better not be creeping around here when its dark" then slams the door. Definitely that's something we will all remember, hahaha. Also have you heard of Porter Rockwell? Coolest guy ever! He was actually invincible, I can see why Joseph Smith had him as a bodyguard. Love you! See you on Christmas!
I Love Elder Santana! :)

3D Printer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!