Monday, December 1, 2014

Blanchard,Oklahoma- Week 19


This week was really fun! Ok, on Monday, our whole zone played football for most of the day, so that was fun. There was 40-50 missionaries there, giant game! On Tuesday, one of the missionaries, Elder Byrd,(who got back from his mission 2 months ago and was companions with Elder Hoffman) came back to Oklahoma with his family and took us to lunch, we went to Dakotas, that place is pretty good. It was really cool talking to him, he said that it is still pretty weird after getting back, and that he is still trying to get used to everything. Wednesday was also great! We did service for some members, they have a huge house and backyard, and they have a lot of cool stuff in their house, it looks like a museum in there. In their backyard, they have part of a lake, lots of farm animals, and they have a zip line, that was really fun, we all went on the zip line a few times! :) They have this huge wood pile that they are trying to prepare for winter, so for a few hours we were trying to take the pile apart, sorting it into smaller pieces from the bigger stumpier pieces to be cut. After that, they took us over to a ladies house that lived pretty close. She is now a investigator, her son is a member and a head person for Deseret Books, and always sends her stuff, so she has many LDS books, she also makes blessing and baptismal clothes, she is really cool. We helped her level this pile of dirt, bricks and concrete in her front yard. and as we were doing that a rat jumps out of the pile and starts running toward her house, so Elder Hoffman runs after it throwing bricks and I'm following him with a shovel trying to hit it, eventually we got it. Then we helped her with her farm animals. A cool fact I didn't know about, she got a donkey because it will protect her horse from coyotes, and her chickens from skunks and racoons. After that we went back to the members house and they gave us axes, so we chopped wood for the rest of the time, chopping wood is really fun :) (Sleepy Hollow!) Then they made us pupusa's they are really good, they stuff pork in this dough and cheese then fry them. Ok now for Thanksgiving!! We went to a turkey bowl, Elder Hoffman and I bought some cleats for it, we had a good game :) Then we went to that members house again for Thanksgiving dinner, they had a lot of people over and the food was really good, lots of turkey and mashes potatoes :) We had a lot of fun. On Friday we had a training from the zone leaders, it was weird because they don't usually do them, so we all thought we were finally getting i-pads! Sadly not yet :( but they shared with us, "He is The Gift", have you heard of it yet? it is soo cool, the church is having a YouTube takeover on the 6 or 7, but for the whole month, they will be the only advertiser on YouTube, and also having advertisements in times square. He is the Gift is a short two min, video all about the true meaning of Christmas, if you haven't seen it, you really need to and show it to others as well. We were sharing "He Is the Gift", I love it! so many miracles from that. Because of that we are teaching two bounty hunters and a treasure hunter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We called one of our investigators asking if we could come over and talk about "He is the Gift" with her, she said maybe later because her parents were not home, they are at work. So we asked where do they work, and she says "Oh, they are bounty hunters". That is the coolest thing ever! And then with the treasure hunter, we were knocking doors and it was really cold outside, so we were going to stop soon, but wanted to knock the whole street, so the very last house, we knock on the door and this old guy opens the door, and tells us to "come inside, it's cold out there", so that was cool because that usually doesn't happen, the last house like that, the wife was going to let us in, but then her husband saw us, and was like, "no, no, get out, your not coming in." But back to the treasure hunter, so we got to go inside and his house was full of art and cool Indian stuff, he has read the whole Book of Mormon before, and said we could come back. :) A few nights ago Elder Hoffman and I were going down this hill at night and were turning. He took it too fast and hit a gravel pit so the bike came out from under him, and he slid. A lot of road rash and his suit pants were covered in blood, luckily this old man saw us and gave us a ride back to our place so we could fix Elder Hoffman up. Hoffman had to clean up his leg and arm so he grabs the music player and a bottle of rubbing alcohol and jumps in the shower, he is blasting the music and all I can hear is a mix of him singing to the music and then starts yelling in pain as he is pouring the alcohol on him self, it was sort of funny, but he is feeling better now, just really sore. The office hours sign from last week is in our study room, so it fits it. I love you guys! 
My New Cleats 

Trees Change Color Here!

Some fun pictures with Elder Hoffmans camera