Monday, April 6, 2015

Witchita Falls, Texas- Week 37

Well it's the start of a new transfer! My companion is Elder Santamaria, and it's funny what we realized, the elders in our district, Schwartz, Staeli, Santana, and Santamaria, we all start with S! Hahaha, Elder Santamaria has been out for 14 months, and has spent all his time so far in Spanish branches, so he said he is not used to an English ward yet, but he likes it. On April Fools day, we went over to our ward mission leader's house for dinner. For dinner, the drinks were Jell-O, with straws in it, so it looked like a drink, but when we picked it up we realized it. :) For dinner he said we were having cake, so he brought out a cake, the inside of it was meatloaf, and the frosting was mashed potatoes, and decorated with ketchup, it was really creative! And dessert was taco salad, which was ice cream and other things, it was a good dinner :) Well, the zone leaders changed up our district a little, took away our car, gave it to west, so now we share a car with the sisters, and changed some of the ward boundaries, didn't like that at first, but it is getting better now. We met with Grace and Mary this week and gave them a Book of Mormon in their native language of Yuruba, they were so surprised that we actually got it in their language, they loved it! And then they said that they would go watch General Conference at the church with us! They are awesome, and then gave us a ride home which was very nice us them to do, because it was already 9:00 and we were on our bikes and we lived 45 min away on bikes. That saved us from some sketchy situations :) I also have a greater appreciation for General Conference now since I have been out. It is the best! It was so funny, the Saturday morning session, before it started I said that President Boyd K Packer and Elder L. Tom Perry would speak, and that President Packer would be one of the first ones, totally called it! So that was great, and Grace and Mary and her sister showed up and they enjoyed it too!  And tortilla tally is 6. I'm not the driver anymore so i like that :) Texas is good, a lot different then Oklahoma, not sure if a like one more than the other, like them for different reasons. When ever people ask me what I like better Oklahoma or Texas, I just say Arizona :) hahaha! Love you guys!

Us with the Afutiti family