Friday, April 3, 2015

Witchita Falls, Texas- Week 35

So on Monday we had zone p-day! It was really fun, we played lots of sports, and that is always a lot more fun with a lot of people there. The church is coming out with another video, Because He Lives and going to continue for the rest of the year it is really good. This week went by really fast. Every Wednesday in the church building, we have started to have a Book of Mormon Class. We go over one question the Book of Mormon answers and talking about it, I think it is really cool that we are doing that. We helped a member paint his house, so that was really fun. And it was awesome, on Sunday, we have been working with some less active members for a while, and Sunday they came to church! That was so great to see them there! This week we have been busy going around and seeing people. We are going on exchanges again today, I am going with Elder  Schwartz up to his area for the day. Time has really flown by, about a week till transfers, and two days ago was trainers calls, and have not gotten one yet, so probably not going to train, even though everyone is saying that I am. Oh and the Because He Lives video is like the He is the Gift, from Christmas time. And to let you know, if parts of the email are out of order or sound strange, the computer I'm using isn't that good, and it mixed up the email you send me and this one, so I tryed to separate the two the best I could, and also since I'm on this one, I can't sent any pictures, if I can get on the good ones today I will. Also, Alex Boye and a senior center made their version of this song called Up town funk, it is so funny, in the video there a person who is 92 years old doing the splits (the video was on the Mormon Tabernacle Choir page, thats how I found it) Hope everyone is having a great week! Love you guys!