Monday, April 20, 2015

Witchita Falls, Texas- Week 39


This was a great week, we actually got rain this week!! That's a miracle for Wichita Falls, and on Saturday, we actually got a tornado warning, nothing happened, so that's good. Elder Rodriguez called me on Monday, so that was cool talking to him, he is staying busy, told me he has been going out with the missionaries a lot. We did more service at the food bank on Tuesday it is fun. We saw Mike and Steve again, Mike is doing good, Steve's foot is healing so we are very glad to hear that, still he has a few more months to go. All the antibiotics he is on is making him really sick though, poor guy, he just wants to get feeling better soon, I think his has a few more days on antibiotics then they can take him off of them, and that should make him feel better. We have a new investigator that we are now teaching, she is a army chaplain, so she already knows about us which is cool, she was a referral. She wanted a Bible so we went over and gave her one and asked if we should share a message about Christ with her, she said yes, so we came back a few days later and she told us that she has been reading the Bible and Book of Mormon together! That is sooo cool and said that she will come to church next week, there has been many miracles this week. Also, one of the members here was having a birthday party and invited us, so we went over there and had party with him and his friends and a few other members of the ward, that was fun to go to. We had exchanges with the District and Zone leaders this week, got to see more miracles because of that! One thing that we have started up again was going down the ward roster and seeing if people have moved out or not, we are working on one small neighborhood that is a little ways away from the main part of the city. We have been having success with that, found out that a few have moved so far, but we got some people that said we could come back as well. So every time we have the car, we try to go out there for a hour or so, to get a little more done. The coolest person we have met out there so far was a this members husband, she wasn't home but he was nice and let us inside. In there front room, he had a lots of cages. They had a rabbit, guinni pigs, chinchillas, rats, and I think it was called a short tailed African possum. And his possum wasn't ugly like a normal one, it was a lot smaller and cuter! It was funny he held his finger out and the possum wrapped its tail around his finger and was just chilling upside down, it was funny, so we thought that front room was cool. Then he says hey, do you want to see the coolest part? Yeah! So we walked into the back room that is was full of different kinds of snakes and lizards!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some of them were really cool looking, he told us that's what he does is breed these and sells them, he was really cool and said we could come back any time we wanted :) We met with Grace, Mary and Dorcas again on Saturday, had a awesome lesson with them, they can't wait to be baptized! The only thing now is for them to go to church, it's hard because Grace has to work on Sundays and is the only one with the car, so that is what we are working on right now. It's cool how we know that Mary understands, Grace and Dorcas understand English the best so they understand that way, and there are times when Grace will explain parts of something to Mary in Yoruba, she is understanding well to. So how we know Mary understands is when she will tell us something we said about the Book of Mormon or/and Bible, and she started talking about that before she reads the Bible, she will then read part of the Book of Mormon and then everything makes more sense to her! They are awesome! When we came in on Saturday, Dorcas started talking to us, "Hola, Como Esta?" And at first we didn't even realize what she was saying, and she said it again, and we were confuzed, "wait, you know Spanish?!" She told us that she is learning it, so that was cool, we told her that we could help her with Spanish if she taught us Yuruba, so she taught us, how to say Elder (Olori) and what is your name (Kini oruko re) and what's funny about that is we actually used it later on in the week! We picked up the sisters from their lesson, and they told us that the guy they were teaching was from Nigeria, so we talked with him and asked if he spoke Yuruba? He said he did so we asked him Kini oruko re? And he started laughing so hard, and was like "no way!? You know Yuruba?" and told us his name, and we said that our names were Olori Santana, and Olori Santamaria, it was really cool, and I'm sure he was very surprised. That has to be the highlight of the week it was so funny. So with interviews with President, he comes down to your area, and asks us how are we doing? how's the area, things like that, what was the last thing you studied, and he asked me if I have become more Christ like since I have been out, I told him I thought so, I felt the spirit more in my life, so then we were talking about Christ like attributes and he said "Since you have been out, are you nicer and kinder to others?" I thought that was a interesting question, as we become kinder to other we are becoming more like Christ. Hope you are all having a great week! Love you!
I have my rice bag full of stuff to take in case of a tornado :)

There are horses everywhere here, im going to start taking pictures of them all

On the way to Burkburnett, its been raining so its green here for once